Finding what to read…

I did a blog post previously on my book lists, you can click here to read it. The multiple lists contains books that I want to read, am excited for and need to be read. I try to organised my lists in ways, so I will keep books I’m excited for but haven’t been released in one list, books that have been released and I’m excited to read on another list, books I need to read (these are in my TBR jar now), books that have the same theme that I’m loving and what I want to buy because the book has been recommended to me. The list I want to talk about is the books that have the same theme that I’m loving

Why keep a list like this? The reason I like to keep a list with these books on is I that I would have read a book before that contains the same theme and have enjoyed so much I want to read books that have the same sort of theme. Usually genre is not important in this list. For example I read Archer’s Voice and so wanted to read books that follow the same theme and deal with one of the main character’s having a disability. I do sometimes also try to find books that are in the same genre, I like Historical Fiction and so will search for books that come under this genre. I have multiple lists with all these books on and bookmark the pages on the internet where I get my recommendations from so I can see if any new recommendations have been added or to help tick off which ones I have already read.

How do I find these? I used Goodreads and Amazon to find books to add to this list. On Amazon I look for lists on Listmania!. For example I like reformed rakes stories and so have a list that I have bookmarked that I refer too, to check it out click here. I use/check out the other lists recommended on the right hand side too. I also use Listopia, I search on what theme I’m looking for to find the recommendations. I have bookmarked lists on Listopia aswell, for example I like Beauty and the best themes and so I bookmarked a list that cover this, click here.

Why do I like doing this? By doing this usually the books that are on the list are ones I am more likely to enjoy, I’m not saying this method if foolproof as I have read books I did not like at all that were on a list and followed the same theme I had read before.

Happy Reading! Leave a comment if you do anything like this 🙂


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