To get in contact with me to send any books for a honest review please email:

Please let me make clear that I will say if I do not enjoy a book, as that is the point of reviewing and sharing opinions. I will not be unfair to the author and I will say in my review that it is my personal opinion. Hence I cannot guarantee a  positive review but I will be honest and fair.

If there is a time limit in which I have to review a book by then please advise me in the initial email as usually I just pick up books when I feel in the mood to read them.

The book genres I prefer are New Adult (this is my favorite genre), Young Adult, Contemporary, Historical Romance, Fantasy and just Romance in general.

I accept physical copies of books but be aware I am based in the UK and I also accept digital copies of books.

So if I haven’t scared you off then I look forward to reviewing your book 🙂


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