Ochoco Reach – Jim Stewart

I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Mike’s usual strategy was to gently stir the pot and wait for patterns to emerge, but this case was boiling over from the day Willimina showed up at his office…

Freelance investigator Mike Ironwood doesn’t hesitate for a moment when a lovely stranger asks him to help her get to the bottom of suspicious happenings on her family’s cattle ranch.  The case is intriguing, and Willimina even more so.

Six days in, the case has turned up two dead bodies, an alphabet soup of secretive federal investigators, and a client who just might be The One. That’s when things get complicated.

When a greedy DEA agent and his complicated and deadly triggerman kidnap Willy, Mike enlists help from his brother and sets out to rescue her from the conflicted jefe of a major drug cartel.  The trail takes them on a surreal tour that extends deep into Mexico, but they come home with dangerous unfinished business.

Ochoco Reach introduces Mike Ironwood, his special ops brother Daniel, and Bucket, a Catahoula leopard dog who is equally at home herding cattle and pinning bad guys to the floor. They have each others’ backs, and they have unexpected allies in the natural world, who appear in surprising ways. But they also attract trouble at every turn.

Rating: 4 Stars


I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. Reading a mystery/thriller story was a nice change from my normal favourite genre of Young Adult and Historical Romance. The synopsis intrigued me and the story did not let me down.

Mike is a freelance investigator who is hired by Willimina when bad things start to happen at her ranch. There is an attraction from the start and Mike agrees to help her out. The action kicks off from there and we learn that the case is not simple as they hoped and Mexican cartel could be involved. When the federal agents such as CIA and FBI start to get involved you know there is going to be massive trouble. The action in this book gets you gripped because you want to know what happens. There is romance in the book but it is as a sub plot it not the main focus. The story does not drag at all, though I did have to read one or two paragraphs again as there was so much going on to remind myself what was going on and where.

I liked Mike as a character, he really was a good guy and I liked the way he was portrayed, especially because he felt more human to me. He thought about the people he was killing and consequences, he didn’t just do it because he could.

Willimina nickname was Willy. I have to admit I had a chuckle every time I read the name Willy, childish I know. I know it was not intended but I kept thinking of a balding middle aged man…Ahh anyway I digress. She was a well developed character and I liked that she was no shrinking violet. All of the characters in this book were well developed. My personal favourite would be Bucket. The love between Bucket the dog and Mike was so sweet.

This story is told from both Mike’s and Willimina’s point of view. So we do get to into both characters head to see what they are thinking and understand them better. The change in the point of view is not confusing as the chapters clearly state the person’s who point of view it is.

A niggle I had with the book is I have to refer to a dictionary on occasions, as I had never come across some of the words used. This is fine but takes some of the enjoyment away.

Overall I did enjoy this book, the action kept me hooked and I really would like to read a book on other characters featured in the book like Daniel and Jasper.

Interested in purchasing this book? Click here if you are in the UK. Here are the relevant details:

Release: 28th December 2015 (Ebook version)

Publisher: Word Hermit Press

ISBN: 978-0-9908593-3-8

Price: £2.02 (0n Amazon UK)

Pages: 289

Distribution: Ingram, B & T

eBook Distribution: Kindle, Nook, Kobo,

iTunes, Smashwords

Publicity Contact: MindBuck Media

Thank you to MindBuck Media for sending me a copy of this book. I hope you enjoy this book too! Let me know if you’ve read it or planning to read it and what you think.

Happy Reading!



OMG Highland Ever After

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While on book depository doing my Christmas shopping I noticed that Highland Ever After is set to come out on 1st January 2016 and I had to share this with everyone. Literally pinch me I think I’m dreaming, there’s not many days left till Janurary and so I cannot wait. I really hope the book is released this time round. I have it on pre-order again and I literally have my fingers crossed it’s actually going to come out. The frustration I have had over waiting for this book is unreal, it been nearly 3 years! 3 freaking years since the last one was released.

If anyone else is waiting for this book head over to Book Depository to pre-order it. I have not seen it on any other website, I have checked Amazon, WHSmith, The Book people and Waterstones but no where else seems to have it. I guess the good thing is book depository have it at the price of £4.72 which is great. Click the here if you want to check it out.

Am I the only one waiting for this book to come out? Does anyone else understand my emotions and frustration with this book??

My dream literary collection

I was contacted by Ryan at invaluable.com quite a while ago and have been meaning to put up this post for a while. Sorry it’s taken so long to do! Invaluable are an auction site for amazing collectable items like rare and first edition books, check it out. Here’s the link to the first edition books page: www.invaluable.com/first-edition-books/sc-EWAP7WGAFQ/  

Ryan asked what my dream literary collection would look like which got me thinking. Doing this post confirmed that I need to read more classic books. My dream collection includes more newer books.

My dream collection would include:

  1. The complete set of the Harry Potter collector’s signed edition deluxe  by J K Rowling

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As with all the other posts I have seen about a dream collection mine would also include the original signed Harry Potter series. I mean how could you not want this? I mean just look at those books! Even if I could not get the entire series. I would want Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for sure.

2. Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien First Edition

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I admit I have to as yet read these book but I would love to own the original editions, they are beautiful. In my family Lord of the rings is a massive deal, well the films are anyway. I would love love love to have these books.

3. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The foiled edition

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I love the hunger games series and when I saw these books I wanted them. They are beautiful covers with an amazing story. I plan to make my children read these books when I actually have children and they are old enough to appreciate the story.

4. His Dark Materials in its first illustrated hardback edition

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These books are abit controversial as there are those who oppose this book as they say it promoted atheism and attacked Christianity. This book series has been on the banned list. I personally adore these books. The story is amazing and I accept that it is what it is, which is fiction. These hardback look amazing and this is a story that would stay with you forever and it comes illustrated, who does not like illustrated books?

5. Illustrated Animal Farm by George Orwell

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Ok this book is not expensive but this would need feature in my dream literary collection. My dad read this book when he was a little boy and he says it moved him, he has always wanted me to read this book too. He’s told me the story many many times and so I haven’t read the book yet. I would want this book to read and for the sentimental value it would hold for me.

Thats all I can think of for the moment. If you had a choice which books would be in your dream literary collection? I honestly would never leave my house (or my bookshelf) if I was to own all these books.

It was lovely to talk to Ryan from invaluable and sorry again it has taken my so long to put up this post. Are there any books that you think are missing from my collection?

Cutters vs. Jocks – Elizabeth Marx (Binding Arbitration/Chicago Series 0.5)

This review includes spoilers

I picked this book up as it is a essentially a prologue to Binding Arbitration, a book I wanted to read. I purchased both this and Binding Arbitration a couple of months ago when I was in my reading funk and they have bee sitting in my TBR pile. I am so glad I picked this book up. It was definitely worth a read and it did set the scene for the actual book. If you are going to read Binding Arbitration then pick this up or pick it up just as a stand alone as the book is worth it.



Love at first sight versus lust you can’t fight.

Libby Tucker is a cutter—a nobody waitress in a college town—at least that’s what everyone believes. But admission to law school is Libby’s ticket out of Indiana and her escape from small town life forever.

During a night on the town, Libby beats the most competitive athlete on campus at pool and draws more attention from him than she’s prepared for.

Aidan Palowski is one of those jocks your friends warned you about—the kind that never loose—the kind that put notches in their baseball bats. As the closing pitcher on the best baseball team in the Big Ten, he’s on his way to the major leagues. Aidan always gets what he wants and Libby is the final home run he wants to hit out of the park.

The last thing Libby needs is to get sidetracked by a superstar jock. Afraid that she might be on a collision course with love at first sight Libby keeps her distance, but the longer she holds out the more Aidan realizes it’s a case of lust he can’t fight.

What happens when worthy opponents refuse to play their hearts out?

Rating: 5 Stars (I would give it more)


I am won over by Elizabeth Marx’s writing, this book is only a couple of chapters but I was so engrossed in it. It made me feel a range of emotions is is amazing since this is a novella. It made me want to cry i was so involved with the characters

The chemistry between the two main characters was great and so well written. You could literally feel the sparks of the pages.

“From the moment I laid eyes on her she was trouble to my concentration, my libido, and my mental health. After six weeks of pursuit, I’d trapped her between my upraised arms against a book case, somewhere betwixt Shakespeare and Voltaire. “I want the witchcraft in your lips,” I’d whispered. Instead of arguing, she grabbed me by the ears. She’d been soft lips, liberal tongue and nipping teeth. I’d contributed a willing body and a vulgar groan. She’d drawn away, licked her lips and ducked underneath my arms. When she was about three yards from me, she’s tilted her head up like a siren on the bow of a ship and pursed a devil-may-care smile at me before she bowed. She’d challenged me to pursue her, and I’d intended to, but when I pushed off, the bookcase fell backwards. I tumbled into a heap of literary tombs. I could still hear her laughing when the library’s elevator door chimed closed.”

What I love more is that the relationship between Libby and Aidan was just not lust. This novella takes place over a year and a half and they are friends. There is obviously lust involved but it is not the main factor.

I just adore Libby’s character, she is a strong independent woman who knows what she wants. Even when she has to give up her dreams she does not moan about it and becomes bitter but accepts it and try to make the best of the situation at hand. We do need more heroines like this in books and films.

Aidan a great character too, he was a jock and cocky but so sweet I was totally won over and bowled over by him. However he also broke my heart at the end of this book. He ‘courts’ Libby for a year and a half and once he got what he wanted which was sex he kind of backed off a bit. I know Libby is also at fault here as she started the distance but if you want someone would you not do anything to be with them? Especially when he found out Libby was pregnant I don’t think he was supportive or sensitive at all to it. He just saw the baby as a problem, which is why I feel Libby is less at fault for the problems between them. I mean you wouldn’t give up on the person who you wanted for a year and a half or love  if they started to avoid you?

I could not believe when he drove away from Libby when she waited for him at the end, both were at fault for the problems but I really blame Aiden the most. His reaction to her news was not what it should have been. You would think it would have been different but no. I can see why this needed to happen as there is the actual story but it was so nice to read this back story it helps to make the characters more relatable and real. Honestly read this!! I shall be reading it again sometime!

Happy Reading 😀