Signed up to my 30 day Free Trial

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Based on all the positive comments I received about Kindle Unlimited I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the 30 day free trial. I’m glad I did as it means I can “borrow” the new Natasha Anders book A Ruthless Proposition as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy the book. I love Natasha Anders book The Unwanted Wife but I found I didn’t like the 2nd book in the series A Husband’s Regret, the hero was a total jerk in that and I thought the 3rd book in the series His Unlikely Lover was ok. So her books can be a bit hit and miss and I’m excited I get to read the new book but not have to commit to buying it. I will if I enjoy it but I like the freedom of choice.

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I had a quick look through the titles that are available on Kindle Unlimited (as I can access the list now I’ve started a free trial) and i would say if you are looking to read the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games Series, The Mortal Instruments series or The Maze Runner series but don’t know if you want to buy the book. Sign up to Kindle Unlimited as you can borrow all the series I mentioned. So you can get the free trial and if you like it then after it £7.99 per month. there’s no contract with it so you can cancel at any point.

I will let you know if I continue with Kindle Unlimited and if I think it will be worth subscribing too

Happy Reading!




Does any have Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle unlimited

Does anyone have or use Kindle Unlimited as I am considering whether to get it or not. As I read so many books I think it may be worth investing the £7.99 a month for it but am not sure.

For all of you who don’t know what Kindle Unlimited is, it is basically like a e-library from which you can borrow up to 10 ebooks (and some audio books) at a time to read and then you can return them once you’re done for a monthly fee of £7.99 if you’re from the UK or $9.99 if you’re from the USA. It’s described as a Netflix for books.

I buy ebooks more often now due to my lack of space for another bookshelf. If I don’t enjoy an ebook then I delete it which can be a waste of money because unlike a physical book I cannot sell it as second hand or donate it. So the idea of borrowing them seems better to me, though I would have to pay the monthly fee. The thing I worry about is whether there are enough books in the Kindle Unlimited to make it worth my while in subscribing to, which is why I thought I would ask if anyone has Kindle Unlimited or has heard anything about it? Amazon don’t make it easy to search for which books are included in Kindle Unlimited unless you search for each book individually and check  which is a bit of a nuisance. I did look at Winter and Red Queen because I thought these are books I would for example be interested in but it looks like these two books are not offered on the Kindle Unlimited. The next book in the Unwanted series by Natasha Anders is offered though, but the book would cost only me £3.98 if I purchased it. Umm decisions decisions!

As Amazon are offering a 30 day free trial I am debating signing up for it and then seeing if I find it worth while or not. I just thought I get all of your thoughts on it? 😀

Disillusionment with Maya Banks

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Book Depository Website

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Amazon UK website

I am disillusioned about Maya Banks publishers ever releasing the title Highland Ever After. I preordered it again on Book Depository as it was scheduled to be released on 1st January. Well it has not been, nothing, nada. No email saying what’s going on or when it will be released as I haven’t received a confirmation of dispatch. Today is 11th January and nothing at all, I checked my order status and it says awaiting publication. This has been the story of my life for the last 3 years. I am literally done, I will read the book whenever it comes out but i’m no longer wasting my time anticipating it and pre-ordering it, there is no point. I have emailed Book Depository to see if the publication date is soon otherwise I am asking for a refund. I’m not trying to be negative but it is frustrating that the last book was released 3 years ago and the reason the book was not released at first in 2014 as Maya was changing publishers but the book was near completed. So much time later and we are still waiting on the publication but other books by her have been released. I’m sorry Maya I am very disappointed.

Has anyone else come across anything like this with a book release? Or is anyone else waiting for this book to be released?


Is any else having wordpress issues?


Hi all I’ve been bit absent in the last couple of days as I’ve been having wordpress problems with access my reader to see all your new posts and actually posting new blog posts from my laptop. Luckily this one posted (thank you iPad!) I was just wondering if I was the only one experiencing these problems?