Lists, Lists and more lists

My book lists

My book lists

Being such a big book lover I always have a list of books I need to buy. On my desktop I have the little notes that remind me of new released for series I’ve read before, or new releases of books I think are interesting. I have a list of books that I’ve heard about at work or from a friend which I have to write down before I forget. I also have notes from friends who have a list of recommendations for me. I have too many lists, that it’s disorganised. I will find a list in some random place and remember oh yeah I really need to buy that. Apparently my lists are ever growing.

You would think multiple lists  means I’m organised, this is not the case. I hardly ever stick to my list of books I have to buy. I blame the bookshops, I go in to buy 1 book and they have books with nice covers or bargains on display which I end up buying. Instead of 1 book I leave with 5. I will admit I have a book buying problem, I just cannot stop. I am going to ignore the fact that Mum has put me on a book buying ban…..Sorry Mum!

Does anyone else keep lists of books? If so do you have paper lists on a list on your phone? How do you keep on top of your lists?


7 thoughts on “Lists, Lists and more lists

  1. I use Goodreads to catalog all of my books. There is no way I’m gonna write down something like 1,000 books I want to read. I think it’s also handy to read other reviews of the book to see how much of a priority a certain book has on the to-buy list.


      • I got back into reading seriously just before my year abroad so I’ve had no time Nor been able to buy the physical books that I want and I got loads of freebies for kindle that I haven’t needed my lists or anything.just when I have the money and back home, I’ll get a few of my asap books depending on how big my currently owned the pile is. But I don’t go mental like booktubers and such, always been in the mind set of being content with the books I currently own, unless I just MUST have a book like I did with Hyperion last year and content with going through the books I actually have now before buying new ones. I’m not book mad like most people on book blogs and booktube, can’t afford enough time to what with uni xD


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