Ochoco Reach – Jim Stewart

I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Mike’s usual strategy was to gently stir the pot and wait for patterns to emerge, but this case was boiling over from the day Willimina showed up at his office…

Freelance investigator Mike Ironwood doesn’t hesitate for a moment when a lovely stranger asks him to help her get to the bottom of suspicious happenings on her family’s cattle ranch.  The case is intriguing, and Willimina even more so.

Six days in, the case has turned up two dead bodies, an alphabet soup of secretive federal investigators, and a client who just might be The One. That’s when things get complicated.

When a greedy DEA agent and his complicated and deadly triggerman kidnap Willy, Mike enlists help from his brother and sets out to rescue her from the conflicted jefe of a major drug cartel.  The trail takes them on a surreal tour that extends deep into Mexico, but they come home with dangerous unfinished business.

Ochoco Reach introduces Mike Ironwood, his special ops brother Daniel, and Bucket, a Catahoula leopard dog who is equally at home herding cattle and pinning bad guys to the floor. They have each others’ backs, and they have unexpected allies in the natural world, who appear in surprising ways. But they also attract trouble at every turn.

Rating: 4 Stars


I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book. Reading a mystery/thriller story was a nice change from my normal favourite genre of Young Adult and Historical Romance. The synopsis intrigued me and the story did not let me down.

Mike is a freelance investigator who is hired by Willimina when bad things start to happen at her ranch. There is an attraction from the start and Mike agrees to help her out. The action kicks off from there and we learn that the case is not simple as they hoped and Mexican cartel could be involved. When the federal agents such as CIA and FBI start to get involved you know there is going to be massive trouble. The action in this book gets you gripped because you want to know what happens. There is romance in the book but it is as a sub plot it not the main focus. The story does not drag at all, though I did have to read one or two paragraphs again as there was so much going on to remind myself what was going on and where.

I liked Mike as a character, he really was a good guy and I liked the way he was portrayed, especially because he felt more human to me. He thought about the people he was killing and consequences, he didn’t just do it because he could.

Willimina nickname was Willy. I have to admit I had a chuckle every time I read the name Willy, childish I know. I know it was not intended but I kept thinking of a balding middle aged man…Ahh anyway I digress. She was a well developed character and I liked that she was no shrinking violet. All of the characters in this book were well developed. My personal favourite would be Bucket. The love between Bucket the dog and Mike was so sweet.

This story is told from both Mike’s and Willimina’s point of view. So we do get to into both characters head to see what they are thinking and understand them better. The change in the point of view is not confusing as the chapters clearly state the person’s who point of view it is.

A niggle I had with the book is I have to refer to a dictionary on occasions, as I had never come across some of the words used. This is fine but takes some of the enjoyment away.

Overall I did enjoy this book, the action kept me hooked and I really would like to read a book on other characters featured in the book like Daniel and Jasper.

Interested in purchasing this book? Click here if you are in the UK. Here are the relevant details:

Release: 28th December 2015 (Ebook version)

Publisher: Word Hermit Press

ISBN: 978-0-9908593-3-8

Price: £2.02 (0n Amazon UK)

Pages: 289

Distribution: Ingram, B & T

eBook Distribution: Kindle, Nook, Kobo,

iTunes, Smashwords

Publicity Contact: MindBuck Media

Thank you to MindBuck Media for sending me a copy of this book. I hope you enjoy this book too! Let me know if you’ve read it or planning to read it and what you think.

Happy Reading!



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