The awkward moment when…

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You realise there still 2 more years to wait until the release of a book you’ve already been waiting 3 years already to read. Yep this book better be worth the 5 years wait!

Yes Maya banks has confirmed that she is planning to release Highland Ever After in 2018! We still have quite some time to wait.

That is unless it gets pushed back to be released again. This is me waiting for Highland Ever After


Am I the only one still holding out on this book?

P.s. If you are wondering where I have been I’ve handed in my notice at work because it just was not for mew anymore. So i’m trying to find a new job, you forget when you’ve been in permanent employment for some time how long a job application takes. Please wish me luck ūüôā


Where I’ve been – Cyprus Delights

It’s been quite some time since my last¬†post so I thought share what I’d been up to. I went to Aiya Napa in Cyprus for an all girls holiday with my cousins for a week then spent the weekend in London.


I was in Ayia Napa between 6th to 13th May, we didn’t arrive until late on 6th May so all we did was have dinner at the hotel and go to bed. We stayed at the Nissi Park Hotel. It was lovely, we were all inclusive which was great too. One of the best things about the hotel is the staff they were so friendly and helpful, the hotel is a 3 star one but I would say if you’re planning to go Cyprus stay there it’s really nice. The hotel itself is clean and nicely laid out, i adore the colour scheme as I like neutral colours. In general the public transport is good, our hotel had bus stops quite near so we could jump on and go Larnaca,¬†Nicosia or Pafos if we wished.

I booked throughThomas cook and had no problems at all. For the hotel website click here if you’re interested in checking it out.


We did so many activities out there that it was unreal, we only had 2 days at the beach the rest was cramming in activities. I attempted scuba diving for the first time. This was scary but so worth it, I cannot swim well but I went to a scuba place who were happy to let me scuba even¬†though¬†I was a novice swimmer, they catered to your needs. For the life of me I cannot remember the name but I will put a link in once I find out who the company where. We also went for a camel ride¬†at the Camel park, that was fun too. We did also go on¬†the Red bus village tour, if your going to Cyprus and are interested in knowing the history i’d recommend this tour, the tour guide Ian was so knowledgeable and friendly, we all really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. We watched the sun rise from Cape greco, and so much more. It really was a brilliant holiday. I even managed to make some time to read haha.

This is what I’ve been up to over the last week or so. If your planning a holiday and don’t know where to go then go Cyprus! It is amazing and the weather is great.

Have anyone else been to Cyprus before?

Make me a book recommendation!

Hello lovely people of the internet. I know you’re thinking you are you again but I will get into blogging if it’s the last things I do. I don’t want to make excuses but I¬†have found my motivation for reading and blogging is at an all time low. I have been reading, at a slower rate and less books than normal as I have not been enjoying them as much and so this has impacted my blogging. I think why write a blog post for a book I thought was ok, this would be fine if it was one book but multiple books? Don’t get me wrong the books¬†I¬†have read recently have been ok but nothing has blown me away or got¬†me hooked to the story. I think the problem is that YA is one of my favourite genres but I’ve read some books of this genre recently and think the characters are just too immature? I’m not enjoying then that much at all anymore. I don’t think i’ve grown out of YA I think I need a break from it, I am in a reading funk. So this is where my rambling post comes to I would like some book recommendation please. Is there a book that you’re favourite¬†have you just read one that’s blown you away? I would honestly love to know all your suggestions, I’m hoping they can get my out of my reading funk!!

I’m now going to check out all the amazing posts that I’ve missed! I look forward to catching up on all the great blogs out there. Let me know if there’s anything extra exciting that i’ve missed ūüėÄ

Where I disappeared to!

If anyone had been wondering why it has been so long since I last posted on there I would like to apologise and say I have way too much going on. I had a minor accident in my car with a Lorry about 2 weeks ago, no one was hurt thankfully but I’ve been really busy and a little stressed trying to sort it out. Basically the lorry came over in my lane on a roundabout and clipped the front of my car, however the driver did not want to accept liability so I’ve just been trying to sort everything out with my insurance, car repairs and getting a curtsey car. The good news in that the driver’s insurance has accepted liability so it’s one issue I’m not worried about. ¬†My work is getting busier and busier, we are taking about 1000 calls daily between 6/7 of us. So I’ve been really bogged down with work and I’ve had to stay after work sometimes to catch up with every thing that I needed to do. ¬†I am now looking for a new job so I’ve completed some applications which¬†again has taken time away from reading. To be honest in the last 3¬†weeks I have one read 3 books and 2 of those were a reread. I have literally no time at all to read.

I have decided I do need to make more time to read and blog though because it helps me to relax. I’m looking forward to catching up on what blog posts I’ve missed.

I am currently reading The Jewel by Amy Ewing. I just started it and am 6 pages in, because I got my Kindle out to read at lunch and I forgot it at work when I came home. I do live 15 mintues away from work but I couldn’t manage to go pick it up before my office shut. So i’m reading a paperbook. I am glad I picked The Jewel up though as it seems intriguing.

If I’ve missed anything important happen in the blog/book world then let me ¬†know ūüôā

Update and What I’m Reading #3

I am back from holiday! It was good, I went to Saudi Arabia (we visited Madinah & Makkah to be exact) for 7 days and then was in Dubai for 3 days so had 10 days of loads of sun! I did not actually get much reading done in this time because I went to Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage and to pray so did not read there. I’ve added¬†a picture from my time¬†in¬†Madinah, this is me after the afternoon prayer. It was about 30 degrees!


I did read some books in Dubai and so expect those reviews up soon.

What I’m currently reading is Ignite by Lily¬†Paradis. It’s good so far but I’m only about 7 chapters in so we’ll see how I feel at the end of it. Though I have to say wow to Dean Powell, I want to give the book 5 stars based on how much I love him so far. I included the book synopsis incase anyone wants to check it out too!


After her father’s untimely demise in a mining accident and her mother’s abandonment, Lauren Lindsay is no stranger to loss. She’s used to living life for one person: herself. That is, until another family tragedy thrusts three children into her care and uproots her life in ways she could never imagine.

Lauren’s first instinct is to run, until she meets their striking, mysterious neighbor Dean Powell. Their immediate chemistry and his connection with her late father just might be enough to keep her in town long enough to uncover pieces of her past that she never had answers to. Dean‚Äôs shady past and her reluctance to trust him could cost her the life she’s always been searching for, but will she run back to her old life?

Or will she choose to stay and live the life her father always imagined for her?

What has everyone else been doing/reading?

Update & Call me Cat: Book 1- Karpov Kinrade (The Call Me Cat Trilogy)

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where I disappear off to every so often. I want to apologise for being so lousy at posting regular posts. I will try to post more often, I’ve just been just of my feet with work it has actually been crazy. I work in Customer Services over the phone and we had one day where we had over 900 hundred calls and my team only consists of 7 people, so crazy does not even describe how it’s been. I have been reading but not as much as I’m use to because I’m too tired on most days. I have work tomorrow on Good Friday but the highlight of my weekend is going to Maria Snyder’s book signing on Monday! That thought is going to get me through tomorrow. Hope everyone else has been fine, I promise to check out your new posts too because I love doing it. Thank you for not unfollowing me even though I have not been posts loads. Anywhere I have a review about a book I actually managed to read!

This book is one of my kindle free downloads, it is still free at the moment if you want to check it out. Click here. I would like to say as I found out, this is one of those books that has 3 parts that could have been put into one book, but the first one’s free so you get hooked and then purchase the others in the series.

I do not actually remember downloading this book but as I was scrolling through my TBR on my Kindle I came across this title and I will admit once I read the synopsis I thought, why did I download this? I can only assume that it was a free book and maybe I was going through a bad boy phase?

*Mature Content Warning* Sex, swearing and adult content.


Catelyn Travis is a good girl who gets good grades in law school, doesn’t date and never gets into trouble. But when a run of bad luck threatens to destroy everything she’s worked for, she’s forced to become Cat, phone sex goddess who fulfills the fantasies of her clients night after night.¬†When she meets Ashton Davenport, bad boy biker billionaire, she knows to stay away. But when he calls her alter ego, Cat, she has no choice but to fall for the sexy stranger.

Now her life is spiraling out of control as she struggles to keep her two identities separate, but there’s one person who knows her secret.¬†And he’ll stop at nothing to destroy her, just like he destroyed her parents.¬†Threatened at every turn, her life crumbling around her, Catelyn must decide who she can trust, because the wrong choice could end her life.

Rating: 3.5 Stars


I was pleasantly surprised by this book, I do not honestly know what I was expecting but this book had me hooked because you get caught up in the mystery surrounding Catelyn and the death of her parents at the hands of the midnight murderer. Catelyn is a Law student who just getting by, she is doing her best to pay for her studies and accommodation without taking help from her best friend Bridgette¬†who’s parents are rich. When Catelyn’s room-mate leaves without paying her side of the rent and taking anything of value this forces Catelyn to make some tough decisions on how she’s going to pay for her everything. So when she sees a job ad she applies for it without realising it is for a phone sex operator. At first Catelyn is not going to accept the job but she does due to certain circumstances and so¬†she becomes¬†Cat.

I can see why¬†Catelyn took¬†the job, she does what she needs to try and complete her studies and support herself without accepting money from her rich friend’s parents so it showed she was self sufficient. I was glad Catelyn was strong willed and independent in that way because it also meant she did not fall at Ash’s feet, which I was so happy about. Just because normally the heroine falls into the bad boy¬†billionaires¬†arms. She had what I felt was a natural reaction to Ash, Ash is quite aggressive in a way and so she does not want to be with him because of that, considering¬†it reminds her of the past and her parents murder.

“Kindness. Chivalry. A guy who would stop what he’s doing to help an old lady across the street or get a kitten down from a tree for a little girl.” He laughed. “Bullshit. I call bullshit on that.” “Really? Because you know me so well?” “I know women,” he said with that same aggravating arrogance. “And you don’t want nice. You want strong.”

I thought the phone sex thing was¬†not¬†going to be something I enjoyed, and I was right, personally think it was weird. It’s just not my cup of tea.¬†It’s the description of it that makes it so. Cat and Ash had to describe every detail and set the scene with each other when they were having phone sex that I found odd. Also the mention of some fetishes made me a little uncomfortable. It just was not my thing, but I still enjoyed the book.

I was not a fan of Ash when this book started, I found him too arrogant but as the story progressed and we got to see more of him, he actually won me over. I was glad that the authors of this book showed us a glimpse of what Ash feels otherwise I probably would not have warmed up to him. There were certain points where he was sweet and that made me like him.

“And who says a three-hundred-pound woman can’t be sexy? I’ve known many curvier women who are just as sexy as their more petite counterparts. Sex appeal isn’t a number on a scale, it’s an attitude, a state of mind. Any woman can be sexy.”

Ash pursues Catelyn but she turns him down, however one day Ash calls Cat and they connect and talk through her alter ego without Ash knowing both Cat and Catelyn are the same person. Things start to get more interesting because it looks like the midnight murderer who killed Catelyn’s parents is still stalking her and watching her. The suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat and I honestly had no idea how the murderer was.

Bridgette is a good side character, she provided some comic relief at times and talked some sense into Catelyn when she needed it.

“I think you two have something special. I can see it every time you’re together. It’s like you orbit each other like planets magnetically linked. Don’t lose that, you might never find it again.” “Are you using Twilight quotes against me now?”

The book was well-written, it is actually a husband and wife couple who write the book, but it did not feel disjointed as if it was being told from two different people. The ending is such a cliffhanger, I thought this cannot end here so I purchased the next one straight away to see what happens next.

Happy Reading!

One book or more?

You may have noticed I have not posted in over a¬†week, I apologise I am so busy with work.Everything has gone mental, I’m stuck on the Eat, Sleep, Work repeat cycle and so have not managed to fit in much¬†reading time¬†or time to do blog posts or check out my favourite blogs to see what you guys are up to. I’m hoping work is going to calm down soon, but I have my doubts. I work in customer services and the call volumes just keep going up and up. Oh well I have my fingers crossed for the occasional quiet day.

Anyway my lack of reading made me think about other book lovers, I sometimes¬†see people read more than one¬†book at a time.¬†I have never done this before, I read one book at a time as I do not think I could switch between storylines because that would confuse me to no end. I need to give what I am reading my undivided attention and if I’m really not enjoying the book then stop reading the book and move on to another one instead rather than alternating between the two. I know there others can actually read multiple books and know what is going on in each of them. I do wonder if people prefer reading a book at a time or multiple? Do you read multiple because you do not know which one to start and want to read both? How you do keep track of what’s happening in both books if you’re reading more than 1 storyline? So many questions!!

So do you read one book or more?