New book unboxing – Forbidden Planet

My excitement knows no bounds today as I receive my first order from forbidden planet which contained one of my favourite author’s Nalini Singh books. I love her guild hunter series and have been reading these books for years, and will continue to read the series as there are more books planned. Imagine my disappointment when I learned she was coming to London, which is only an hour and a half drive away from where I live to sign Archangels Enigma at Forbidden Planet but I couldn’t go because of work. I know the joys of working life. However Forbidden Planet the wonderful people that they were selling the signed books for people who wanted them and couldn’t make it. I already own archangels enigma but I couldn’t turn a signed book by one of my favourite authors down. So I ordered it and it finally came today!

So I thought I’d share the unboxing.


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 12.52.12.png

Forbidden Planet unfortunately don’t have signed copies of the book left but if you live in the Uk and are interested in purchasing the normal book from them, then click here. This is one of my best book buys this year, it going to be a prized possession on my bookshelf. I paid for this book and the post is not sponsored or anything 🙂

Happy Reading! Has anyone else purchased any new signed book or any book you’re excited about recently?


Maria V Synder Book Signing

Quick update before I go on to the main post. I am on holiday for the next 2 weeks and so will try and schedule some posts but I may not manage. If I do not respond to any comments, I am not ignoring you it is because I will have no access to the internet. Happy Blogging and Reading!!!

On 6th April 2015 I went to Bristol Cribbs Causeway for the book signing done by Maria Synder. It was amazing, I am so glad that she came to the UK and I got to meet her. Poison Study is one of my favourite books and I love the study series and so was jumping with excitement when I heard she was coming to the UK. The event was good, there was a book reading first of a chapter from Shadow Study and I learnt that I’ve been pronouncing certain words wrong haha. There also was a Q&A and a book signing. I had 14 books and Maria signed them all. The reason I had 14 instead of 11 was because I purchased the new covers for the Study series so I could get those signed too. I took my cousin along with me because we spent the day shopping and hten went to the book signing. One of the best things was Maria posted a picture of all of us who attended the book signing on here Facebook and Yes you can see me and she commented on my Facebook post too!

Enjoy my pictures!


Me and my cousin ready for retail therapy


All of us fans ready for the book talk


Meeting Maria


Her commenting on my Facebook post



My signed books

One of the best days ever.

Becca Fitzpatrick book signing

I just had the best day ever. I went to my first ever book signing and it was amazing. Becca Fitzpatrick and another author Moira Young spoke about their books and writing. They also had a Q&A session which was amazing. Both authors were so sweet and friendly. I literally felt like a fangirl and had literally nothing to say to Becca that I could think of at the time. I thought of things once I had walked away, but oh well. I am so impressed Waterstones had Becca Fitzpatrick do a signing in my town, it’s such a little place. I did get my Black Ice and Finale book signed and I also got a picture!

IMG_20141114_193259[2] IMG_20141114_215823[1] IMG_20141114_215944[1] IMG_20141114_220155[1] IMG_20141114_220216[1] IMG_20141114_220229[1]

I personally had not heard of Moira Young and her books but I have goggled her and purchased Blood Red Road which is the first book in her series. If you are interested in checking out her work then click here for information.