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I’ve been really bad and not posted anything on here for quite some time, the reason behind this is I haven’t been reading much (shock horror i know). I am in a reading slump/funk and I’m still not out of it. I’m rereading my favourite books to help me get out of it but I’ve already reviewed them on here. That’s why i’ve been AWOL. I’ve also been mega busy with work (my new job is stressful) and I’ve been on an amazing holiday to Walt Disney World Florida for 2 weeks. I do love blogging so I decided to set a new blog of all my other thoughts/review/hauls. Please feel free to check that out. Hopefully I will get back into book blogging so. I’m hoping to get out of my slump considering it’s lasted about 6 months!! Thank you to all you guys for sticking with me even though I haven’t been post. It means the world to me.


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Did you know…

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This is not book related but I recently set up another blog for a place to share all my other thoughts, tips, recipes and experiences. I wanted to keep this blog just dedicated to my love of books and so decided to set up separate blog. If you are interested you can check it out. The link is:

I uploaded a few posts but my latest one is all about how I freeze ice cubes of freshly squeezed lemon juice to save time in making Lemon Water in the morning! Check it out if you would like to 🙂

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If any of you have any other blogs, leave me a comment with the name or link so I can check it out!

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