Shadow Study – Maria V. Snyder (Soulfinders #1/ Study #4)


Once, only her own life hung in the balance…

When Yelena was a poison taster, her life was simpler. She survived to become a vital part of the balance of power between rival countries Ixia and Sitia.

Now she uses her magic to keep the peace in both lands—and protect her relationship with Valek.
Suddenly, though, dissent is rising. And Valek’s job—and his life—are in danger.
As Yelena tries to uncover her enemies, she faces a new challenge: her magic is blocked.And now she must find a way to keep not only herself but all that she holds dear alive.

Rating: 5 Stars


I read this book in under 24 hours. I stared it at 5pm yesterday and had completed it by 10am this morning (Yes and I’ve already posted this review – this is how much I had to share my enjoyment!). I just about managed to get some sleep even though I wanted to keep reading though the night I refrained. I enjoyed this book so much and I have been waiting for this book for so long that after finally reading I have no idea what to do with myself now. I was worried when I heard this book POV would be split between Yelena, Valek and Janco but actually the book was so well written that I did not find the switch in perspectives choppy at all. The book flowed well and at no point was I confused about who was narrating. I am so glad that I loved this book, because I love the original 3 books in the series so much I was worried that I had too high of expectation for this and if I didn’t love this book then it would have just slightly impacted my love for the previous books in the series. However I had nothing to worry about because maria writes so well that you are sucked into the story and literally sitting on the edge of your seat to find out what happens next. The story was well paced as it was full of action so it did not drag but neither was it packed with so much going on that the read could could not keep up. I was literally shocked with the developments involving the commander.

I actually really liked the multiple perspective because we got to see what was happening in places where Yelena was not present which helped with the story progression and gave the reader more insight into other side characters around Yelena and Valek. Though the main reason I loved the multiple perspectives was because we got to see more about Valek and how he thinks, how he came to be who he is and his childhood. I am so glad that we got to know more about him and in a way his feelings. I will admit I had an Awww moment when Valek would think things like not missing being in the sought but missing a certain southerner. There is a tiny bit of romance in this book but that is not the main focus of this book, but I really do like seeing the relationship development between Valek and Yelena.

I actually enjoyed this book more than Fire study because in Fire Study the fact that Yelena ignored Moon man and was mean to him was a sour point with me. I enjoyed that Yelena actually learned from this and accepted that she still thinks highly of him even if he was always giving her cryptic advice. I will not say that there were not points where I wanted to hurt Yelena because she was being too independent and I questioned her thinking, there sure fire way of knowing when something is going to happen or go wrong is when Yelena goes off alone. I can overlook those because like I mentioned I felt she was learning from her mistakes and atleast she does take action and do not wait around for a ‘hero’ to do the work. I was also glad to see more of Leif in this book because I really did not like him at all when he was first introduced in this series but he’s grown on me

I knew what was going to happen on the last page due to coming across a spoiler by mistake so that was not a massive shock but it is definitely a cliff hanger ending, I mean I was thinking saying say what?. I really wish I did not come across that spoiler but this did not affect my enjoyment of the book. Though now I cannot wait until the next book Night Study. I’m so excited I had to go on Goodreads and fins out when the next book. Turns out I have about a year to wait for the next book but considering Fire Study was realised in 2008 and originally Maria was not going to write more books on Yelena I cannot complain but I really wish this time goes fast.

I have not read the Storm Glass series but I own so I will be reading those next, I should have read them before this book as other characters from there are mentioned but it did not confuse me to an extent where I could not enjoy this book.

I thought this was going to be a short review. Obviously I was wrong, I know I did not speak much about the story but I do not want to ruin the book for anyone. If you have not read this book or series it is one that I would recommend. The series is a favourite of mine. If you like a strong willed heroine with a good story and great side characters then this book is for you. Though I do not promised that there will not be points where you want to shake some sense into Yelena..:D

Happy Reading!!


I have news…

I realise you are now expecting some amazing news, based on the title of this post I’ve used to entice you. I do actually have some big news that I want to share, well it is big news for me. You all know if you’ve read my Becca Fitzpatrick book signing post that, that was the only book signing I have ever been to. Well I am going to another book signing. Now you may be tried of me talking about Shadow Study and Maria V Snyder but I had to share this. So Maria Synder is coming to the UK for a tour and I thought I would not be able to see her because she is going to London on March 24th and I could not get time off work to go to her book signing. However, do not feel sorry for me yet because she is coming to Bristol (which is only a 40 minutes drive away from where I live) on April 6 which is my day off. I actually have tickets to go to Maria’s book signing at Waterstones on this date now and I am so excited! Hopefully I will get my Shadow Study book signed 🙂

Ok so that my rambling over! Is anyone else in the UK and planning to see her?

I need a rewind button…

You would think I would learn from my mistakes. One of my rules about books is if there is highly anticipated book that I am waiting for I will not go on Social Media or on certain parts of the internet incase of spoilers because other people are just as excited about it as I am. So you all know I was very excited about Shadow Study by Maria V Snyder (and I still am). I have not started this book yet because I decided I would buy the US cover because I prefer it and wanted a physical copy of the book to go with all my other Maria Snyder books instead of having it on my Kindle as an ebook, and so am still waiting for it to be delivered.  Anyway the point of this post is I was just scrolling along my Instagram page and looking at other peoples post and suddenly wham! I stumbled onto a picture that someone had posted of the last page in Shadow Study and I came across what I think is a massive spoiler. I cannot believe it because I cannot unsee it! The picture did not mention it was a spoiler or anything and it was a Kindle Ebook so I did not initially know the picture was of Shadow Study. Oh well, my lesson for next time is stay away from Social Media! You would think I would have learnt considering this happened with Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead.

Anyone else stumbled across a spoiler about a book you’re excited out by mistake?

My new bookshelf

I know I promised to post this and I finally have got round to doing it. I am still trying to organise my books in a way that I’m happy about. The main problem is I have too many because I have been collecting them since I was 17 years old so I have alot. You all seen my previous set up, if not then click here.

So this is the overview of my bookshelf, not all of it can be seen in this picture so I will post some more to show my shelves. You may notice that I like to keep my little figures on display with my books. With the organisation of the bookshelf I tried to organise the books by subject but then I gave up and started to organised it but colour and size aswell.


So right on top of my bookshelf I keep all of the stuffed toys, these I have accumulated over the years. Some have been given to me as presents and some I purchased myself. I also have some glow in the dark stars and planets on it because when I turn of my lights I like how it makes the bookshelf stand out.

The top shelf is sorted out by the subject, and that is vampires. So on here I have my Vampire Diaries books, Twilight series, House of Night series, The Sookie Stackhouse Series and my Vampire Knight Manga books.

The second shelf I sorted by genre which was Fantasy. On here I have my Hush Hush series, Dream Catcher series, Blue is for Nightmares series,  Divergent series, The Inheritance Cycle and The Mortal Instruments. You can see I have some books that come in the Fantasy genre but I have had to stack on top of the current books because there is not enough space.


The third shelf is sorted by the Fantasy genre again. It has my Chronicles of Narnia books, Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games series, The Lord of the Rings series and all my Maria V Snyder books.

The forth shelf is a bit cluttered and mismatched. I sorted this shelf by colour and put all my remaining fantasy books on here. I also have some random first books of a series on here too. So I have all my J D Robb books, Sarah Dessen Books, His Dark Materials, my other paperback copy of The Hunger Games and Darkest Powers Series.


Lastly I just put all my remaining books on this shelf. As you can see you cannot actually see the books on this shelf because they are covered by other stacks of books. These books you can see in these piles are the ones I keep promising to do my haul about, I will get round to do it some time soon, I promise! So this bookshelf still has the same problem of being a bit too small but that’s my fault because I keep buying more books. I really need to get some more self control.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my bookshelf!

It’s nearly here…Countdown


US Cover                                                UK Cover

We all have books that we cannot wait to be released, Shadow Study is one of those books for me. The first book review I ever posted on this blog was of Poison Study which is the first book in this Study Series so it holds a special place for me. I have read the Study Series multiple times and so am excited to see what new adventures come about for Yelena and Valek.

Recently saraletourneau posted an author interview which was interesting and insightful, it also has made me want the book right now. Check out her post 🙂

As I am impatient I did apply on Netgallery for an ARC copy of this book, but unfortunately my request was turned down for it. Oh well moving forward my mission is that I will get an ARC of Night Study when it is due to come out. I just want 12 March to get here soon so I can get my hands on my pre-ordered book. I decided to get it as a Kindle Ebook because the UK covers for the original Study books are undergoing a revamp and the current cover does not match my current series so I’m hoping when the original books covers are changed this one might be too, otherwise I’m buying the US cover for this. See below…

This is what my current UK series looks like.

What the UK covers are changing to.

If you have not read this series then you are missing out. Pick it up now!!

Have you heard? Cover for Shadow Study – Maria V Snyder

I am majorly excited about the 3 new books being released by Maria continuing the Posion Study Series based on Yelena and Valek. I came across some updates which I had to share!




New York Times bestselling author Maria V. Snyder wowed readers with Poison Study, the unforgettable story of poison taster Yelena. Now she’s back with a new tale of intrigue.

Once, only her own life hung in the balance.

Oddly enough, when Yelena was a poison taster, her life was simpler. But she’d survived to become a vital part of the balance of power between rival countries Ixia and Sitia. Now she uses her magic to keep the peace in both lands and protect her relationship with Valek.

Suddenly, though, they are beset on all sides by those vying for power through politics and intrigue. Valek’s job – and his life – are in danger. As Yelena tries to uncover the scope of these plots, she faces a new challenge: her magic is blocked. She must keep that a secret – or her enemies will discover just how vulnerable she really is – while searching for who or what is responsible for neutralizing her powers.

Yes, the days of tasting poisons were much simpler. And certainly not as dangerous..

I am fangirling at the moment!! How pretty is the cover and the synopsis is just wow to. You can actually read the first chapter of Shadow Study on Maria V Snyder’s website, click here. I have read the first chapter and I need to now discuss it. It is amazing. Maria confirmed that there will be flashbacks from Valek’s childhood which will be intresting to read, I really want to know more about him. The other details that Maria confirmed on her Facebook are below:

“As promised, here are a few more details about the SHADOW STUDY – yes, it’s a new book with Yelena and Valek (if you didn’t know – where have you been?).

•It is tentatively scheduled to be released early January 2015 in the US, but I’m sure the UK and AU will be releasing the book very close to the US date.

•Yelena and Valek’s POV will alternate chapters, starting with Yelena.

•There may be sections of Janco’s POV (working that out with my editor)

•The reason the book is titled, SHADOW STUDY is because during Valek’s chapters, there are a number of flashbacks to his past and the place where he learned how to be an assassin is called, The School of Night and Shadows

•The second of the new set of Study books (3 planned in all) is tentatively titled, NIGHT STUDY. No title for #3 yet!

•As for the story – it starts soon after the events in SPY GLASS. Valek is returning to Ixia because the Commander has ordered him home – seems crafty smugglers have found a new route into Ixia and he needs Valek and Ari and Janco to investigate.

•After an all too brief vacation with Valek, Yelena has to deal with an increasing anti-magician sentiment from the Sitian Council and she goes on a mission to find Ben Moon (Owen Moon’s brother). Ben escaped from Wirral prison. Ben had tried to kill Yelena after Owen was executed in Ixia. To read the story about Owen Moon’s nefarious deeds go here (in fact, Ben has a pretty big part in SHADOW STUDY so you may want to go and re-read the story before January).….Familiar characters that are in SHADOW STUDY – Leif, Mara, Opal, Devlen, Reema, Bain, Irys, Maren, and Kiki of course!

•New characters – Onora (young hot shot female assassin), Gerik (new soldier for the Commander’s detail), Ben Moon, Hedda (Head Mistress of the school of Night and Shadows), and Arbon (a fellow assassin trainee that was in school with Valek).

I hope that satisfies some of the curiosity (or did I make it worse?)”

Who else is now excited???


Book Haul from The Works UK

I feel like I talk about money alot on my blog but I have reasons for this. I love books and I personally like to buy them (rather than borrow them from the library) so I am always looking out got deals just incase. The books do not have to be on offer for me to buy them, but it makes me feel like my money has gone further if I do get a good deal. Anyway while shopping on my lunch break at work I popped in to The Works and found a really good deal. I actually had to buy my books from the Works UK website as they did not have the complete Glass series in the shop but I thought I’d check online and behold they did.

So I have decided I actually need to put a effort into not buying any more books for the moment. My bookshelves are overflowing and I have a big TBR pile. Hopefully this will be my last book haul type post in a while (need more willpower!!!)

On to my book haul! I managed to get 7 books, completely new for £12.00 (14.50 if you include postage) from The Works. They are newish releases so I was very impressed with this. Honestly go check the website out if you live in the UK!

Book Haul!

Book Haul!

The books I purchased was Storm Glass, Spy Glass and Sea Glass by Maria V Snyder. Scent of Magic and Touch of Power also by Maria V Snyder and Alice in Zombieland and Alice Through the Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter…..Now I just need to find a place to put all these new books haha 😛

The haul has mostly Maria V Snyder books in and there is a reason for this that I will talk about in another blog post! Look out for it 😀

Happy Reading!