Billionaire Bachelors Books 1-3 by Melody Anne

I thought I would do an all in one review for these 3 books as there is not much I wanted to say. Usually these would be ones I do not post a review on but I thought I would do a brief one.

Book 1: The Billionaire Wins the Game



Joseph Anderson has decided it’s time for his three successful sons to find brides. Joseph wants grandchildren to fill his mansion, and he wants them immediately. His eldest son, Lucas, is successful in all areas of his life, except love, and Joseph begins matchmaking. He finds Amy Harper and deems her the perfect daughter-in-law. He just needs to get her and Lucas to both realize they’re made for each other.

Rating: 3 Stars 


The story was not unique as I’ve read books like this before but it was an ok read. I downloaded this free on my Kindle a while ago. Joseph turns match maker to marry his 3 sons offbecause he wants grandchildren. Lucas is the oldest, Joseph hires Amy as Lucas’s new PA, Amy has struggled all her life and so is over the moon about working for such large organisation. Lucas is attracted to Amy and vice verser but she tries not to be as she loves her job too much to lose it. They end up having a night of passion and Amy becomes pregnant. Do you hear the wedding bells ringing? You can guess where the story goes from here. I just wish the main characters would just have a conversation sometimes, so many things can be avoided with communication.

I sort of felt everything was too good at times with the family, I don’t know how to explain it but things were too sweet and fluffy. Amy was too perfect and Lucas could be a bit too arrogant for my liking. It was nice however to see Joseph and his wife who had been together for so many years still so happy together.

The writing in this book is also ok. I would suggest this book if you are looking for a short read for the beach, it is not going to rock your world unfortunately.

Book 2: The Billionaire’s Dance 



Joseph Anderson has decided it is time his three successful sons find brides. Joseph wants grandchildren to fill his huge mansion, and he wants them immediately. He was successful in his eldest son’s match, and in this book, his scheming brings Alex and Jessica together. Alex is a confirmed Bachelor who loves to travel all around the globe and romance as many women as possible. That is until he meets Jessica Sanders. One night with her and he is changing his views of bachelorhood and starting to think that married life is the new way for him.

Rating: 1.5 Stars 


This was my least favourite book out of the 3. The story is just like book 1. Alex hasn’t seen Jessica in years, their parents have been friends for years but Jessica got more involved in volunteer work and Alex is always jetting off to different places for work reasons. Alex is a confirmed player. Joseph with match making on his mind asks Alex to keep an eye on Jessica as they both are going to attend the same charity function.

Alex and Jessica meet, they are attracted to each other. They end up having sex in an elevator because it broke down and things got out of hand. Fast forward 1 year and Jessica has a 3 month old son and Alex has no idea. What I always find hard to understand is heroines who hide the fact that the hero is a father. I mean let the hero know, what he does from then on is his choice but atleast he knows. Joseph meets Jessica’s father and they end up guessing who is the baby’s father. Once Alex knows he demands to marry Jessica for the sake of the baby and is quite rightly upset with her for not letting him know she was pregnant.

I will say Alex never called her so I see Jessica’s point about her not thinking he’d care, but I think he had a right to know and decide himself. I spent the first half of this book disliking Jessica and then in the second half I liked Jessica but disliked Alex. He forces Jessica to marry him, they have sex and when she tells him she loves him. He completely ignores it and pulls back from her, this goes on for weeks and then Jessica thinks oh everything will be ok and after a while he goes back to having sex with her thinking it’s fine. I mean what the hell? I have no idea why he was so resistant to marriage and love, his parents are so happy and loving towards each other and their children. Talk about using someone.

The ending of this book made me angry. It was a happy ending which was nice but it was literally wrapped up in seconds and I was sat there thinking, what?! I really wanted to see a proper apology from Alex for they way he treated Jessica for months but it is all swept under the rug. I also really felt the relationship between Amy and Jessica was a bit put on? It was just too sweet and prefect.

Book 3: The Billionaire Falls



Joseph Anderson has been successful in finding brides for his two eldest sons. In this book he finds the perfect bride for his youngest son Mark. Mark has a billion dollar ranch operation that takes many employees to run successfully. He loses his cook and leaves it to his father to find a new one. Little does Mark know that Joseph is far more interested in her marriage potential than her cooking skills. Luckily he finds a woman who can cook and will make the perfect bride for his son.

Rating: 3.5 Stars 


This was the best book out of the series, after how much I disliked the previous one I still decided to carry on as I wanted to know what happens with Mark and I had this book so might aswell read it. I’m glad I gave it a chance. The story is not one that will keep you up all night but it is well executed. The story also does not follow the same routine as the first 2.

Joseph hires Emily to cook at his son’s Mark’s ranch, Emily is on the run with her 5 year old son after the death of her womanising husband as his parents wish to take custody of him and they are just horrible. I liked Emily, again like all the previous heroines she is a bit too perfect but I can overlook it in this instance as the book was enjoyable. This book is different as Mark and Emily are attracted to each other and yes they have sex, but then they embark on a relationship. They are boyfriend and girlfriend, sure they end up with a marriage of convenience to protect and keep the custody of Trevor but they a relationship as a basis and mutual respect. I was happy to see Mark was always good with Trevor, even before he and Emily started their relationship.

I did however feel the relationship between the sister in laws, Emily, Amy and Jessica was too perfect and put on. It was too sickly sweet, maybe there are people like that but I don’t know.

Out of the series I would recommend the 3rd book, the series does continue with the 4 ‘sexy’ cousins but I will not be reading them.

Thats 3 more books off my TBE. 2 more and it’s time for a new purchase! I don’t know what to buy! Need to think about it.

Happy Reading!!


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