Sweet Talking Cowboy – M.B. Buckner


Even though he was eleven years older than her, Briann grew up thinking of Slade as her best friend. She never understood why he went to Texas while she was in her teens, but when she turned twenty and was considering marriage to his younger brother, suddenly Slade returns home.

They share a surprising night of passion only to be torn apart by a vicious lie that sends Briann running from the only man she’ll ever love.

Then fate brings her home again with a child he never knew he’d fathered.
Can they get past the changes in their lives and the betrayal they felt?

Rating: 1 Star


I dislike giving books a low rating as I understand how much work and effort goes into writing a book. So this is what I think about it, you might enjoy it. I personally did not enjoy this book at all, it was a short read as it only had 7 chapters but I had to force my way through it, it actually felt like it was dragging. The ending and main issue in the book was wrapped up in the last 4 pages. I was like WHAT?!

I can condense this book into a couple of sentences. Slade comes to live/help out at Briann uncle’s ranch when Briann is young, she grows up as his friend, he leaves when she’s 15 to go train horses in Texas, she misses him but moves on by dating his half brother. So 5 years after Slade left, Bri and Slade’s half brother are talking marriage after he graduates. Slade comes home and they go to a horse show together, Slade and Bri are attracted to each other, they have sex (I would like to say Bri had not broke up with the half brother at this point). They come home, Bri is going to meet Slade at his house, but bumps into his step mother instead who says she and Slade have been sleeping together for year and had done that night. So instead of talking like any rational being to Slade she runs and leaves the country telling her aunty and uncle to not tell Slade where she is ever. Bri find out she’s pregnant, she never tells Slade about the baby considering she loves him but he betrayed her. So she marries a gay man instead to give her child a name and to stop rumours about him being gay. He dies, she moves back home with her daughter Tris as her uncle has cancer, he also dies. Slade is away at this point. Fast forward a couple of months he comes back, sees her daughter and realises the daughter is his. i have no idea how Bri thought she was going to hide Tri’s heritage as we’re told she looks like Slade. Slade and Bri argue as he wants to marry Bri to be his daughter’s father and she does not want to marry him as she loves him but only wants to marry him if he loves her. The misunderstanding about Slade sleeping with his step mother is cleared but Bri still does not understand why he thinks it wrong she never told him he was a father and he missed 5 years of his daughter’s life. Some more arguing and angst and then Bri admits she loves him to Slade, he says it back and voila happy family. The end. I mean WHAT?!!

Grrrrrr Briann was so so childish and selfish. She says about who she is an independent woman who made the best decision she could regarding her child but that’s not true. I really had a problem with the fact that Bri had no plans at all about telling Slade he was Tris’s father even when they had moved back home from Atlanta. I really dislike heroines who hide the fact that the hero is a father. If there is a valid concern then maybe like domestic abuse then that is the right decision. I do not accept a misunderstand as a good reason to hide the fact that the hero is a father, he should be told that he is and if he wants nothing to do with the baby then that is his choice. You have done what is needed and then it’s his loss.

Ugh I was just not a fan of anything in this book. I guess the only good thing is the writing was ok. The story was not though.

Sorry for such a negative review but this is how I felt about this book. I am 95% sure this was a free download from Amazon which I downloaded about 8 months ago. I really hope so. I swear I need to buy a new book as a reward for reading this.


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