A Negotiated Marriage – Noelle Adams (Negotiated Marriage #1)

I really am enjoying books written by Noelle Adams, this is the 3rd book I have read by her and so far I have liked them all. I’d recommend checking out her books and I enjoy her writing style. I believe I downloaded this book for free a while ago but literally have just got round to reading it. In my opinion I enjoyed this as much as I liked The Unwanted Wife but this has so much less angst in.


Sex wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal.

Three years into a marriage of convenience, Molly’s high-powered CEO husband wants to add a new term to their marriage agreement. Sex—without any messy emotional entanglements. But weekly sex with Luke, despite their carefully negotiated terms, is likely to get messy eventually.

Content in a mutually beneficial arrangement, Molly isn’t going to fall for Luke the way she fell for an old lover, only to be crushed in the end. She vows to stay strong, no matter how much intimacy develops between them in bed. When her old lover returns, finally wanting a real relationship, Molly has the chance to give her heart to a man who will accept it.

It’s too bad she now wants to give it to her husband, who has never admitted her heart is what he wants.

Rating: 5 Stars


This book is a bit different, rather than starting from how Molly and Luke met, the negotiation of the marriage and the marriage. This book starts 3 years into their marriage of convenience, it shows how comfortable Molly and Luke are with each other and gives an idea of how their marriage has been for the last 3 years. At the start of this book, Molly and Luke are more friends than anything else. One day Luke says he wants to negotiate terms and add sex into the contract. Before this point in the 3 years Molly and Luke have been married at some point used ‘discreet’ services to cater to their ‘needs’. This was  a stipulation in their marriage contract which worked fine for both of them.

You may remember I get really hung up about people cheating/having affairs when in relationships. In this case I personally did not consider it cheating as this was a stipulation in their marriage contract and like I said for me they were more friends at that time and neither had done this in a while or once the ‘relationship’ started in truth in my mind.

I like the way the relationship went further for Molly and Luke because they had the friendship basis to start of from and so it was nice to see how their relationship changed and evolved. There was some sexual tension going on between then the two characters, but you’ll have to read it to find out why. I would say there is some sex in the book but it is not just about that, there is a relationship too and it’s interesting to see how both the character’s ended up to the point of being in this marriage.

One thing I liked about the writing style of this book is Noelle started off with the sentence Molly was running late and this was repeated a couple of times in the book which gave me a chuckle each time I read it for some reason. It was consistent which I liked. The story is well paced and if you like the marriage of convenience books then give this one a read.

Happy Reading!


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