Judging a book by its cover










Are there any ever any book covers that you are embarrassed to buy? Well not embarrassed by such but are there any books covers you look at and think if someone sees me reading that…I know we should  not care what others think but for example I’m not going to sit and read in bed with a highlander infront of my mum with a cover like that haha. I’m sure my mother does not want to know.

Since e readers such as Kindles, Nooks, Kobo ect have been invented if a book has a sexy cover or what I consider risqué anyway then I buy it on my Kindle. I read absolutely everywhere so find it uncomfortable reading a book with such a cover in public, at work (Imagine my boss’s face!), or in front of my parents. I find people think what are you reading and give you looks when you read a romance book with a mills and boon cover in public or just think your reading hardcore erotica. Most of these books actually have a really good story in it  which is why I love them and sure they contain sex scenes but hey I like that. The Mccabe and The Montgomerys & Armstrongs books are some of my favourites but they do have a ‘those’ covers.

You all know how eagerly I have been waiting for Highland Ever After, this book has one of those covers. I’m going to be buy it as an ebook so my parents and co workers are not scandalised.

So my question is do you buy books with such a cover and if so in what format? Or does this not bother you.


6 thoughts on “Judging a book by its cover

  1. Wow, I think that Highland Ever After cover has gone a bit too far! That just looks like the jacket cover from an 80s porn video or something!
    I regularly clash with other readers who love the sex-themed covers, but I just don’t get it. They don’t do the romance genre any favours!

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  2. I am more freaked out about bland covers. I read lots of Indie books, as well as traditionally pubished books. Indie covers seem to be cheesy and just all out ugly to me. My shelves are filled with romance novels so I don’t care who sees me reading such blush inducing material. It’s the other covers that I’m ashamed to be seen reading, no matter if the book is good.

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  3. I sometimes feel embarrassed to read children’s or teens books since I am in my late twenties but I have gotten over it a little because I like them and I only really read in public while I am traveling, so I like a book I can sink my teeth into and read for the whole journey. I hardly ever take my kindle since my old one broke once on a train, I am scared to take it anywhere.

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