Limiting my book buying – The self imposed book buying ban


I will put my hands up and say my to be read pile is getting out of hand. Recently I have been struggling to get into reading properly, so I thought I’d take a break rather than force myself. Now I am back and raring to go with both my reading and blogging. What I have accepted though is I need a self imposed book buying ban. I have about 70 unread books on my physical bookshelf and about 150 unread books on my Kindle. Shocking, I know right?! The Kindle book buying has got so out of hand because unlike a book shelf you do not see the amount of books you have. Ofcourse there is always the money factor involved with book buying bans, I have realised I am really spending too much on books if they are at the moment just going to sit on my shelf and collect dust. So from now the only books I shall be reading are the ones already on my bookshelf, on my kindle or ones sent to me as an ARC for a review. This will just be until I have my to be read pile under control which as you can imagine will take a while.

Is anyone else on a book buying ban??

Happy reading!!


8 thoughts on “Limiting my book buying – The self imposed book buying ban

  1. I have a shopping freeze on books till the holidays; I used to buy 2/3 books a week, which I loved. This is just a temporary freeze, which makes it easier to stick to. Also, I occasionally buy books if they interest me. bets of luck with your plan 🙂

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