I missed my one year blogiversary!

Due to my reading funk I have just realised I missed the fact that my blog has turned one year old! My first post was 3rd July 2014 and so my blogiversary has officially gone past. What I can say about my year (well less actually) of posting is that I’ve met some amazing people who also have awesome blogs too. I really enjoy sharing what I think about books and seeing what other people think about it too. This blog has helped me in realising that my opinion does not have to be the same as everyone else for books. This is ok. I might hate a book and someone might love it but that does not make any opinion incorrect. I now feel comfortable to share what I think about books, instead of not saying if I didn’t enjoy one if everyone else did.

I’m grateful for all the support I have on this blog and for all of you who follow me. I’ve realised how much work and time goes into blogging and event though I have not been consistent or present much over the last few months I do love blogging. I am now planing some more posts hoping it gets me into the blogging mood. If you have a suggestions of anything you’d like me to post about then please let me know.

There’s not much more to say, in reflection what I would do differently is plan my posts better and make more time to blog, but hey here to the future and for make more awesome blog posts over the coming years.

Happy reading and writing everyone!!


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