Where I disappeared to!

If anyone had been wondering why it has been so long since I last posted on there I would like to apologise and say I have way too much going on. I had a minor accident in my car with a Lorry about 2 weeks ago, no one was hurt thankfully but I’ve been really busy and a little stressed trying to sort it out. Basically the lorry came over in my lane on a roundabout and clipped the front of my car, however the driver did not want to accept liability so I’ve just been trying to sort everything out with my insurance, car repairs and getting a curtsey car. The good news in that the driver’s insurance has accepted liability so it’s one issue I’m not worried about.  My work is getting busier and busier, we are taking about 1000 calls daily between 6/7 of us. So I’ve been really bogged down with work and I’ve had to stay after work sometimes to catch up with every thing that I needed to do.  I am now looking for a new job so I’ve completed some applications which again has taken time away from reading. To be honest in the last 3 weeks I have one read 3 books and 2 of those were a reread. I have literally no time at all to read.

I have decided I do need to make more time to read and blog though because it helps me to relax. I’m looking forward to catching up on what blog posts I’ve missed.

I am currently reading The Jewel by Amy Ewing. I just started it and am 6 pages in, because I got my Kindle out to read at lunch and I forgot it at work when I came home. I do live 15 mintues away from work but I couldn’t manage to go pick it up before my office shut. So i’m reading a paperbook. I am glad I picked The Jewel up though as it seems intriguing.

If I’ve missed anything important happen in the blog/book world then let me  know 🙂


9 thoughts on “Where I disappeared to!

  1. I am sorry to hear about the headache involving the accident. I hope it gets sorted and in your favor. Funny how we both posted the same sort of letter today. Life gets in the way and I hate when it hinders our reading.

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  2. Yikes! Car accidents can be freaky, and the aftermath stressful. (I know the feeling; I was hit by a truck on my way home from work a couple years ago.) So I’m glad to hear you weren’t badly hurt. Take your time with coming back. 😉

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  3. Ack that sounds terrible! I hope everything sorts itself out, finally back from my hiatus so I look forward to reading more from you again, happy reading with the Jewel! I’ve heard some great things about it, especially in EpicReads ^-^

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