Maria V Synder Book Signing

Quick update before I go on to the main post. I am on holiday for the next 2 weeks and so will try and schedule some posts but I may not manage. If I do not respond to any comments, I am not ignoring you it is because I will have no access to the internet. Happy Blogging and Reading!!!

On 6th April 2015 I went to Bristol Cribbs Causeway for the book signing done by Maria Synder. It was amazing, I am so glad that she came to the UK and I got to meet her. Poison Study is one of my favourite books and I love the study series and so was jumping with excitement when I heard she was coming to the UK. The event was good, there was a book reading first of a chapter from Shadow Study and I learnt that I’ve been pronouncing certain words wrong haha. There also was a Q&A and a book signing. I had 14 books and Maria signed them all. The reason I had 14 instead of 11 was because I purchased the new covers for the Study series so I could get those signed too. I took my cousin along with me because we spent the day shopping and hten went to the book signing. One of the best things was Maria posted a picture of all of us who attended the book signing on here Facebook and Yes you can see me and she commented on my Facebook post too!

Enjoy my pictures!


Me and my cousin ready for retail therapy


All of us fans ready for the book talk


Meeting Maria


Her commenting on my Facebook post



My signed books

One of the best days ever.


9 thoughts on “Maria V Synder Book Signing

  1. Aaah this sounds amazing! I’m dying to go to a book signing this summer, I live in London so hopefully Waterstones will hold something soon, hope you have fun on your holiday!

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  2. Ahhhhh, that’s so awesome, Sumaira! I’ll refrain from saying I’m jealous. (Wait, I sort of just said it anyways. *lol*) That’s generous of Maria to sign all of the books everyone brought, too. The only book signing I’ve been to so far, we were allowed to only bring the author’s newest book. Then again, that was George R.R. Martin for A Dance With Dragons, and the line was already long enough. *lol* And Maria did sign the copy of Shadow Study she sent as a thank-you for the interview… So I can’t complain.

    I also love how Maria writes a different message for each book – and how each one is inspired by its book title. 🙂

    Have a wonderful holiday!

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