One book or more?

You may have noticed I have not posted in over a week, I apologise I am so busy with work.Everything has gone mental, I’m stuck on the Eat, Sleep, Work repeat cycle and so have not managed to fit in much reading time or time to do blog posts or check out my favourite blogs to see what you guys are up to. I’m hoping work is going to calm down soon, but I have my doubts. I work in customer services and the call volumes just keep going up and up. Oh well I have my fingers crossed for the occasional quiet day.

Anyway my lack of reading made me think about other book lovers, I sometimes see people read more than one book at a time. I have never done this before, I read one book at a time as I do not think I could switch between storylines because that would confuse me to no end. I need to give what I am reading my undivided attention and if I’m really not enjoying the book then stop reading the book and move on to another one instead rather than alternating between the two. I know there others can actually read multiple books and know what is going on in each of them. I do wonder if people prefer reading a book at a time or multiple? Do you read multiple because you do not know which one to start and want to read both? How you do keep track of what’s happening in both books if you’re reading more than 1 storyline? So many questions!!

So do you read one book or more?


20 thoughts on “One book or more?

  1. Nice to see you back love ❤

    I never used to be able to read more than one book at a time, but since I have gotten my iPad, I tend to read at least one physical book, and one ebook at the same time.

    Physical book for the day time and ebook a for night, when I can't disturb others with the lights 😀

    Both usually are of two different genres, so I can keep my facts straight:D

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    • Thanks lovely! Ahh ebooks and e-readers are great for the struggle of night time reading! That’s true if the stories are different then you could keep the storyline straight. Though i do not htink reading more than 1 book is for me lol 😀


  2. Like For the Love… said above, I never used to be able to read two books at a time either until I got an e-reader, now I read one physical book at home and read one e-book for work commutes etc. And they’re usually pretty different genres so there’s no chance of confusing them. If nothing else, I’ve found this combination helps me get through my TBR pile a lot quicker! – ashley

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  3. If we’re talking reading for pleasure, I prefer one book at a time. Recently, though, I was reading Tolkien’s The Silmarillion while and in between a few other books I’ve been reading. A few people had recommended I take in The Silmarillion slowly and patiently – which turned out to be excellent advice, because the book would have overwhelmed me otherwise. At the same time, going back and forth between that book and whatever else I was reading drove me nuts. I was able to keep everything straight, but it dragged the actual reading on for longer than I would have liked it to. :/

    I don’t have as much of a problem with reading one book for pleasure and another for research, though. By research, I mean a book on the craft of writing or something else “educational.” I want to dive into The Element Encyclopedia of Fairies soon for my “novel market research” project. It’s like absorbing information from books I read for educational purposes and information from books I read for fun require different parts of my brain. Maybe that’s why I can handle it…?

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  4. I typically prefer to read one book at a time. That way I keep story lines straight and it just seems more efficient to me even though I probably average the same number of books in as many days.
    However, I have recently had to read multiple books (usually 2) at the same time because of due dates at the library. Never fails that everything I put on hold comes in at once! So I read two books at once (one due sooner, one do later) to tackle that issue.
    BUT if I was reading one book and wasn’t that into it yet still wanted to finish, I will start another book that I am more interested in and take more time reading that slower book by reading bits at a time. That way it’s like a reward to read that new book and it encourages me to continue reading.

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  5. I read multiple books because it’s easy for me to lose interest in a book I’ve just started. So I switch back and forth between a few books I’m enjoying until I hit that point of no return-that sweet spot in a book that makes you unable to put it down.

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  6. I read multiple books at a time and have done for as long as I can remember. I find that I choose books to read based on my mood, so I have a few different genres on the go for that reason. Sometimes I’ll think ‘I don’t feel like reading a crime novel. I’d like something more light-hearted’ so I switch! 🙂 I don’t have trouble remembering what has happened as I tend to remember every book I’ve read anyway!

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