ARC If the Viscount Falls – Sabrina Jeffries (The Duke’s Men #4)

I received this from Netgallery in exchange for an honest review. The reason I requested this book is because I love the Sabrina Jeffries stories I have read so far and this book sound like something I would enjoy. I’m glad to say it did not let me down.

This is the 4th book in a series and I have not read the previous 3 books because I did not realise it was a series. However I loved this book nonetheless and I did not feel you had to read the previous books to understand this one but it would be better if you have.

This book contains some mature content.

As this book was an ARC so some of the quotes that I have mentioned may change slightly in the finished edition, please be aware of this! 


The heir presumptive to the Viscount Rathmoor, Dominick Manton once had his heart’s desire within reach—a bright future as a barrister and engagement to Jane Vernon, a wealthy baron’s daughter. Then a shattering betrayal by his vindictive brother George snatched away Dom’s inheritance and his hopes of offering Jane a secure future. Brokenhearted, and attempting to end their engagement without destroying Jane’s reputation, Dom staged a betrayal of his own to convince her that he’s not the husband-to-be that she thought.

Now George is gone and the viscountcy restored to Dom, since his brother’s widow, Nancy—Jane’s cousin and closest confidant—never bore an heir. But when Nancy goes missing, a panicked Jane calls on her former fiancé to track down her cousin. Dom knows the mistakes of the past may be unforgiveable—but now, entangled together in mystery and danger, will they rekindle a passionate longing that was never lost to begin with?

Rating: 4 Stars


I love Sabrina Jeffries books and this book was no different. It was a really good read. The story was well written and at no point did I find that the story dragged. What I liked the most was that sometimes with certain ‘mystery’ type books they can sometimes rely on something happen by coincidence for the story to move forward, but with this one the reason behind each action was explained and then they moved forward from there, this was a nice change.

Jane was also a lovely surprise because she stood up to Dom and for what she believed him. She did not let him walk all over her because he knew best. I’m glad she knew her own mind and that she had a sense of humour. I felt so sorry for Jane when the book started, I know what Dom done he thought it was for her own good but you could feel her hurt.

“Because clearly true love was the greatest lie of all”

“And once again, you decide what would or would not interest me” She sniffed. “It must be nice to be able to read minds”

I do not think this books is too historical accurate because I know back in those times love matches were hard to come across and people were looked down upon if they did fancy themselves in love. However I do not mind that because I have read other books that are like this, this for me was a really good read. Saying that I probably would not have enjoyed it if there was no historical accuracy either!

I have to admit like most leading men in Historical Romances Dom thought he always knew best and so acted according to that, but I was glad that the book was a growing process for him, you could see him understand Jane’s point of view. I have to admit the reason this is not a 5 star review is because I thought Dom was stupid for not trusting Jane’s love, but then based on his reasoning I do also understand, I just hate that they missed out on being together for 12 years?! You do forgive Dom for this though because what he did he did for what he felt was best for Jane.

“Because he was an arse who wanted to have his cake and eat it, too.”

If I had to say one thing it would be to read this! This book was released on 27th January 2015. You can buy the book from Amazon UK for here

Happy Reading!!


2 thoughts on “ARC If the Viscount Falls – Sabrina Jeffries (The Duke’s Men #4)

  1. This series seems awesome, it’s been a long time since I’ve read a historical fiction romance! I’ll definitely have to look into this. Great review Sumaira, gonna keep looking through your blog now (prepare for the comment notifications!). 😀

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