Bookshelf Update


Looks like this no longer!!!! 

I realised I never actually made a post about having a new bookshelf. You all know I have been umming over buying a new bookshelf because I have way too many books and not that much bookshelf space (well none actually) where I can actually put them. Well about 2 months ago my grandfather decided he no longer wanted his massive bookshelf in his room…I’m sure you all can see where this is going. Anyway he causally asked me if I may want the bookshelf from him and he’d have my smaller one instead because he was doing a clear out. Ofcourse I said yes, so now instead of 2 small bookshelves I now have one massive one. I had to put all my books back into the suitcase because the bookshelf was so big it took ages to get it in my room. My books are now all back on the bookshelf, though  I still do not have that much space left in it for new books but it’s bigger than what I had previously so I’m happy.

If you have a look at my banner you can see snippets of what the bookshelf looks like now. I will do another post all about my bookshelf and showing it off very soon! You all have that to look forward to! 😀


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