Finding the right balance

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So my lovely bloggish friends I am wondering how you go about blogging and when you find the time? The way that I work is I have a specific day (Sunday Morning) on which I work on posts and schedule posts if I have managed to write more than one. Or Β I just do a post when I am in the creative mood.

However what I have now started to notice if I read quicker than I write/blog. I am sometimes able to finish 3 books a week and maybe only have time to put up 1 book review, and so the other books reviews never get posted, because by the time I come round to doing them I’ve forgotten the in-depth feelings I had. I remember bits that I liked or disliked but nothing that is major and in-depth, and I like to write in-depth reviews.Β I read even when I have an extra 5 minutes and so have lots of books I have read recently but not that many reviews have materialised out of them.

Therefore my question to all you lovely people is how do you find the balance? What are your blogging tips?


21 thoughts on “Finding the right balance

  1. I’ve recently come into the same situation. I finished reading a novel but wasn’t in the mindset to write the review. So I went ahead snd started reading the next novel and ended up doing the same thing. Before I knew it, time got away from me and I had 6 reviews to be written. I kept a list of the ones that I had finished reading and needed to review. I finally set aside some time to write reviews this weekend. My trick is that I take notes as I read on my iPad within the digital book. Upon finishing the book, I also write a quick bit on how I’m feeling or what key issues were brought up in the novel so that I can rememeber the story when I eventually sit down to write thr review.

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  2. I usually do my blog-writing during the week, so I can focus on novel-writing during the weekend. Usually this works out pretty well… unless things interfere with the blog-writing during the week (like it has recently). When that happens, I focus on articles I owe to other places or have deadlines for, which means my personal stuff slides a bit. But that’s the way it goes sometimes, and I know I’ll catch up eventually.

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  3. This exact same thing happened with me as well. At least at the start. So, now all I do after finishing a book, is take the nearest paper I can find, and jot down the thoughts, or phrases or the feeling I had during the time I read the book! And then I stick it into the book itself, especially if I am not in a mood to write down a full fledged review.
    Then later on, when I buckle down to write a review, I use those thoughts, to simply form a coherent paragraph. It’s easy to remember what you felt about a book when you have your own words staring at you!
    I hope this helps though! But you should find a balance or a method that works for you best! πŸ™‚ ❀

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  4. I have yet to find the balance, but lately I’ve been trying to sit down and at least write a rough draft of my review as soon as I finish a book. If I don’t, I loose the feels and a review never gets written. It’s a vicious cycle really.

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  5. This same thing happens to me all the time I read 170 books last year but only posted about 40-50 reviews. What I have started doing is putting tabs in pages I want to quote and when Im finished with the book and I know I wont immediately right a review, I have a journal that I write a rough draft of my review in. All the important things I want to remember.

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  6. I don’t read that fast ’cause I don’t have enough time to, so the balance comes naturally to me! Every time I finish a book I just write the review and post it. Maybe you should do some mini-reviews so you can cover as many books as possible besides the regular reviews πŸ™‚

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  7. It’s so so tough to find a balance. 3 years into book blogging and I still struggle with it. The thing is, I’m a perfectionist so I can take ages faffing over a post when I should really get it out and start the next one! To be honest, I’ve never been the kind of blogger to schedule, I try to just fit in writing posts when I can and try not to stress to much if I don’t post for a while, after all, blogging is supposed to be fun! It’s worked for me so far, mostly because as a student my workload fluctuates so I can’t really plan when my busy and not so busy days are going to be. This year however I’ve really struggled with keeping up with book reviews and have done a few mini ones to try and catch up!

    Good luck on finding a way that works for you, I quite like your idea of selecting certain days to write posts. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks for commenting! Glad you have kind of worked out what works best for you. I know the feeling about faffing around with one post for ages. Yeah you have a point it is suppose to be fun, which is why we do it πŸ˜€ Mini reviews are the way forward I think!


  8. I always have one day a week, usually a Saturday morning, where I write a post and possibly a draft of a second to go up later on in the week if I know I’m going to be busy, and do all my commenting in that time too. It helps to have the wordpress app on my phone as well as my email so I can reply to comments and review requests without going to my laptop, but yeah, that’s basically it! It’s also important that I remember not to force myself to write long, detailed posts, if they’re short, they’re short πŸ˜€

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