Do you? Random musings

I do not own this picture it is from the internet but shows what I probably look like when I am thinking. I’ve have random musings about books and walking that I thought I would share.

Sometimes I see people walking and reading which I think odd. Let me explain, reading a book to me is about relaxing and getting into the story. I admit there are times in which I skip meals times and sleep to finish a book, but I have never once thought I need to know what happens so I will read while I walk somewhere. I wonder are people taking the story in if they are walking too?

I will admit I am a very uncoordinated individual so will either fall flat on my face or end up bumping into someone because I could not see where I am going. How do you see where your going if you have your head down reading while walking?

I assume people read while they walk to save time or to find out what happens next in the story? If you do this then I was just wondering why? Do you actually take what is happening in the book in? Is it juts to maybe pass the time so you’re doing something while walking?

This is just some random thoughts I had on this, I thought to share it on my blog to see if anyone did this and what the reason behind it was.


6 thoughts on “Do you? Random musings

  1. That’s about as bad as walking and texting at the same time! *lol* Wouldn’t you agree?

    I prefer to read sitting down, or occasionally while standing at a counter or flat surface. Stillness and a (usually) quiet environment help me absorb the story better. I could never walk and read at once; that must be like the “patting your head and rubbing your stomach” trick. Plus, I want to be able to see where I’m going.

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  2. I was 100% the person who read and walked at the same time all through school! I still do it now in college too! Usually I only do it if I am at a really good spot of the book though. I tend to read any chance I can walking,sitting or standing! I am a really klutzy person too most of the time but I’ve never ran into anyone while reading or fell or anything luckily.


    • Thanks for commenting. That’s interesting. I don’t know how you manage to focus on two things at one! I know what you mean about getting to a really interesting part of a book that you just have to read asap 😀


  3. Hey Sumaira! I’m finally back from my super long hiatus, it’s great checking out your blog again and getting back into books! 😀 I’m so glad I finally have the time again, I hope you’ve had a nice holiday season and new years!

    I totally agree with you, I don’t understand how people can walk and read, although I don’t really see that happening often. I can’t even text and walk (hello pole, meet face). XD Have you read any really fantastic books lately that you could perhaps recommend to me? 😀 After all, you do have fabulous taste!

    xx Anna

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    • Hello my lovely,

      I was stlaking your blog the other day missing your posts! So glad your back. My New Years and Christmas was good thanks. Hope yours went well too. Hopefully you managed to get all your work done 😀 Me either. I could not concentrate on two things at once.

      Aww thanks! You have amazing taste in books too. Umm book recommendation wise it depends what you fancy. I Just read Cinder recently but it didn’t have too much romance in and you know me I love my romance. From the top of my head I can think of, Wait for you by J Lynn, Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan. Have you read Playing for Keeps by R.L. Mathewson yet? Paranormal romance wise the only one I can think of was Obsidian, I will have a think of more paranormal and get back you you 🙂 Xx


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