Dealing with disappointment

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I’m sure you are all wondering why I have not posted about the book Highland Ever After by Maya Banks considering I was so excited about it. Well it turns out the publishers have pushed the book release date back again. This has made me sad because originally I was suppose to be released in March 2014, it was then pushed back to October 2014 then June 2015. When I saw on Book depository it was going to be released in December 2014 I was mega excited but now apparently the date has been pushed back again to February 2016. I’m not a happy bunny, I understand how much work goes into a book and how some it takes more time than planed to write a book however I have been waiting for this book since March 2013. I guess it just goes to show what an amazing writer Maya Banks I’m so hooked to this series that I need the next book asap and I’m still going to read this book whenever it gets released.

So how do I deal with this disappointment? I brought some other new books instead and I may reread the first two books in the series again.

How do you deal with disappointment? Has anything like this happened to a book you were waiting for?


3 thoughts on “Dealing with disappointment

  1. Oh I hate when that happens! I’ve never had a book I’ve wanted to read be pushed back bit it happens all the times with video games for me… I ordered Infamous Second Son a few months in advanced only for it to be pushed back so far that I ordered it almost a year in advanced… for me, I deal with disappointment by doing other things like reading a different book or playing a different game. That really stinks though 😦 sorry!!

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