Don’t miss a Bargain!

What do I love about the new year? The sales, so do I buy clothes or makeup or anything like that? No, I shop for books instead. Recently I signed up for The Book People’s newsletter as I saw some really good book deals on it when I went to buy a book for my friend as Christmas present. A couple of days ago I received an email about the website having a sale on, which I checked out today and I wanted to share some of the better offers I saw incase anyone else wanted to check them out.

The website is:

Prodigy – Paperback for £2.00

The Dark Divine – Paperback for £0.50

The Girl in the Mask – Paperback for £1.00

A Monster Calls – Hardback for £2.00

What Happened to Goodbye – Paperback for £2.00

I purchased some of these myself as I cannot pass up such a good bargain and though I’d use some of my Christmas money.

Happy Reading!! Let me know if you end up buying any 😀


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