For Love of Charley – Katherine Allred

Katherine Allred is one of my favourite authors, I adore her work. There’s just something about her writing and characters that connect with my heart, there are just beautiful stories. Though this one has not been my absolute favourite of hers I still love it. Maybe I’m turning into a major sap but at the start there were parts that brought tears to my eyes.

This book contains some mild suggestive scenes.

Don’t know what the cover of this book is about, it defiantly does not match the content of it. The story in this is a sweet one and it does not contain graphic scenes or anything. Do not let the cover of the book put you off, it really is a beautiful love story.


It’s been ten years since Cole Jordan was run out of Canyon Bend, ten years he spent accumulating a vast fortune. Now he’s back with only one goal in mind. To win the woman he left behind, the woman he never forgot. This time, not even her wealthy, overprotective uncle will stop him. Because everything he’s done, he’s done for love of Charley. After Cole made passionate love to her one night, he vanished without a word, so Charley doesn’t trust him worth a damn when he reappears. Especially when she discovers it’s his company that bought half of her business, the Red Dog Saloon. But Cole has big plans for the town that once shunned him, and as Charley finds herself working with him daily, the love she’s tried so hard to suppress blooms again. Only one thing stands in their way; Cole’s refusal to tell her why he left so abruptly. While they fight their way back to each other, outside influences work to keep them apart at any cost…even death.

Rating: 4 Stars

I’m not usually a fan of second chance love story for some reason. I believe it’s because I’m a romantic at heart and so cannot take the pain of wasted years even if the couple get a happy ending. I want everyone to have a happy ending straight away. Though as Katherine Allred is one of my favourite authors I had to read this book.

Ahhhh what to say about this book. The love story is beautiful, and you can feel the love and pain of separation in both of the main characters. It is not the best Katherine Allred book, that for me would be What Price Paradise but this is still a lovely read. I will admit Cole ‘plan’ to ignore Charley and pretend he’s only interested in the business side was a silly idea, but I cannot complain as it happened to work and when Charley showed more of a interest in him, he did not pretend indifference but they communicated and talked instead.

“Good. I want her to be impressed. I just don’t want her to think I’m trying to do it.” “And they say women are devious.”

Cole was sweet, to think he worked so hard 10 years just for Charley. He did it to be good enough for her, sure he should have spoken to Charley about his reason for leaving before actually leaving her. I think it’s adorable that no one else came into either Cole or Charley’s lives as they both loved each other so much even when they weren’t together.

“I’ve missed you, too, baby,” he whispered. “You’ll never know how much. And as hard as it will be to wait, I’ll give you all the time you need to trust me again. I won’t push you.” He leaned over and brushed her lips with his. “I love you, Charley.”

The writing sometimes really got to me, it just the way the book is written is beautiful. The words and characters touch your heart.

How do you stop a body, heart and soul that have only been half alive from reaching out to the one thing that can make them whole?

The reason this book is not a 5 star for me is because the last 15% of the book I though was a little odd, as in it came out of nowhere. It was not something I expected, I guess what could be a good thing as it was a twist but I thought it was just sprung on the reader. I am glad I read this book though as it was lovely. It was a nice easy read, there was not too much angst or Cole was not a massive jerk/stalker so it was a nice change to what I normally read.

Honestly if you have not read a Katherine Allred book then you are missing out.

Happy Reading!


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