Under My Skin – Shawntelle Madison (Immortality Strain book 1)

This is an ARC review. This book I downloaded from Netgallery, in exchange for an honest review. I will admit that the reason I requested this book was because I thought the cover was beautiful. I am so glad that the story turned out just as good, to be honest it exceeded my expectations. 


Everyone wants to either be a member of the Guild or work for them. Little does the populace know that the Guild hides sinister secrets…

For Tate Sullivan, life in her small, coastal town is far from glamorous. The affluent lives of the Guild members and their servants isn’t something she has ever wanted. But all sixteen year-olds must take a simple test, and Tate’s result thrusts her into the Guild’s world, one where they hide horrible plans for those they select. Tate must fight the relentless General Dagon for control of her mind, body, and soul to keep the one precious thing she has always taken for granted: herself.

Her only ally is the same handsome boy she is pitted against in General Dagon’s deadly game. Quinn desires nothing more than to end the life of General Dagon who has taken over Tate’s mind. While romance blooms between Tate and Quinn, General Dagon plots to eventually take over Tate’s body, and love might end before it even begins.

Rating: 5 stars 

This book left me speechless. I was hooked from the first page, and the story did not let me down. It was consistently good and interesting and I thought very well paced. The book is well written, it is not overly descriptive or repetitive. There were some minor plot holes but that did not affect my enjoyment of the book because I wanted Tate to overcome everything and win! This is a Young Adult Dystopian Sci Fi read and I really enjoyed it, Sci Fi is not my favourite genre and so I was pleasantly surprised. The synopsis for this book is pretty good, I do not want to say to much without giving the story away. All I will say is that this book is more than the romance. The romance is a sub plot, the main plot is focused on the Guild and what they want with the people they pick as Water Bearers. I hated the Guild and some of the characters such as Rebecca. This is a good thing because the author wanted us to hate them and so she obviously has written a good story that achieves that aim.

Tate was such a strong character, she would not allow her mind and will to bend to anyone. She fought throughout the entire story to keep her identity and be herself which was amazing, it sometimes broke my heart to see her struggle. I wanted Tate to succeed from the start once you started to learn more about her and how little her family had. Tate was also a very nice character, she did not hold grudges against people who deserved it. I found it really sweet about what she done at lunch for Eva, even though I do not think Eva deserved it.

“You still believe in the human race. I like that about you.”

“But I wasn’t ones to judge, so I scooted over without words. Perhaps it had been just as difficult for her to come over.”

The budding romance between Quinn and Tate was so cute, it made me sigh because both were so unsure of what was happening and each other. I always prefer relationship where the main characters start of as friends or get to know each other and then it develops into more. I liked Quinn, we did not get to learn that much about him but from what I know he is a great character.

“When someone loves you, they stare because they only see what makes you beautiful. So look back at them with the same feelings they have for you”

The supporting characters were well written aswell, I was happy for Zoe and want to know more about what happens to her. I cannot wait for the next book in the series, I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait though as I read this as an ARC.

In a nutshell this was an amazing read, it was different and I am glad the story was as good as the cover.

This book comes out tomorrow! You can check the details on Amazon here. I would definitely recommend it! I would go as far as to say  that this is one of the best books I have read this year.

Happy Reading!


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