Transfixion – J. Giambrone – Contains mild spoilers

I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for a honest review  

Note: I felt this book had some gruesome scenes about the wounded as it is based around a war. Just be aware of this if your planning to read it 

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It’s nothing short of the end of the world. Someone has weaponized the broadcast spectrum – gazing upon the transmission is enough to steal your mind. Kaylee Colton faces a technological Armageddon when suburbia shatters into civil war. All alone, and unable to speak, Kaylee will need to fight to survive and transcend her own fears if she is to stand against these enigmatic forces of destruction. Transfixion is an action-laced rush that will burrow straight into your brain…

Rating: 2.5 Stars

I am a fan of YA books but usually do not read much Sci Fi, so it was a nice change for me to read this book. The start of this book was both intriguing and confusing, I will admit I had no idea what was going in the first 6 chapters but I was hooked on the story so far, and I needed to know why everything was happening. As the story progressed some things started to be explained but I will admit I spent the book feeling like I may have missed out on something. The story line was action paced and faced paced but I could not work out why the Armageddon and why the fighting was going on.

I liked Kaylee, she was a good main character, as it was a YA book she did not make too many stupid decisions and I did not end up being annoyed with her which can happen with the YA genre. Dustin also intrigued me, at points I wanted to shake him but  she always had Kaylee’s back which was nice. There was a suggestion that there was something a little bit more developing between these two than friendship, but that is only a minor sub plot that is hinted at.

I did wonder why Kaylee was unable to speak until nearing the end of the book, it was not explained. By the end of the book I still had some unanswered questions which I wanted the answer to, there were loose ends in the story and so this did take away abit from the enjoyment of the story. This book was a good read and I wish I could give it a higher rating, I would say if you enjoy a fast paced story with loads of action then this book is for you.

I really did like the writing in the book, it flowed well and was well paced but as mentioned before I wish the loose ends were tied up and I knew who to hate. I mean I was waiting for the massive reveal where the baddie comes to light, laughs over the evil plan and then gets thwarted. What I missed in the book was not knowing who the person or people behind the plot were. I would have given this a higher rating if these issues had been resolved.

If you liked what you have read in this review then you can buy this book from Amazon, click here

Happy Reading!!


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