Worthy – Lexie Ray (Worthy Part 1)

I downloaded this book from Amazon for free. Its part one in a three part book.

This books contains sex scenes (Too many to be quite honest!)


Living alone in a small cottage in the woods, Michelle is hiding from a past too horrible to put into words. Without other people around, she finds she can focus better on simply surviving instead of regretting things she can’t change — like the scary scar on her face.

But everything changes after a severe storm. Michelle finds a mysterious stranger injured in the woods and knows she must open her doors to help him recuperate. When he awakens, however, he has no memory of who he is or where he came from. Michelle struggles to care for Jonathan as he copes with the growing understanding that he has no access to his past. But hope for the future dawns with each passing day they spend together.

Michelle and Jonathan face a growing attraction to each other, but when Jonathan’s past is revealed, will Michelle find herself worthy of the love of a Wharton?

Rating: 1.5 Stars 

The synopsis of this book pretty much covers the main focus of the story. Michelle lives in a small cottage in the wood away from people because she has a burn scar on one side of her face. Reading about how she learned to thrive in the woods was interesting and personally my highlight of the book. One day she finds a injured stranger and nurses back to health. Due to this a friendship of sorts starts between these two which leads on to a relationship. This is where in the book I was unsure of whether to continue with it or not. The book was well written and I did want and get into the book but I just found it really hard to connect with the characters. Jonathan was my main problem, he was so sweet and saying the right thing all the time but throughout the entire book I felt like he was insincere, fake and hiding something big.

Michelle was ok but I started to get frustrated on how much she doubted Jonathan was attracted to her because of her scar. I understand she has a scar so is conscious of that and doesn’t feel attractive but if a man is having sex with multiple times you would think there must be some attraction. I do not mind sex scenes but there was just too many in here and they were not adding to the story development or romance development.

The part in the story where Amelia, Jonathan’s mother orders Michelle to do her cleaning and be her maid and so Michelle does really annoys me, I mean she just goes along with it and does not even tell Jonathan. I mean what? Surely you would turn around and say no way, I’m not your servant, you employ people to do this. Amelia was a horrible person.

I know I have spoken most about the negative in this book but I would like to say it is well written but not my cup of tea. I hate giving books a low rating but I just had too many issues with this book. However if it sounds interesting give it a go as it may be something you enjoy 🙂

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Worthy – Lexie Ray (Worthy Part 1)

    • There are so many good ones, I read the books that are for 16+. Normally I look through the top 100 free downloads on the kindle. The bets free books that I can think of are Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett, Angel After Dark by Kahlen Aymes, Shattered Hearts by Octavia Wildwood. There are probably more but these are the only ones I can think of. Hope that helps 🙂

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