Colour sample Bookmarks

I was on Instagram and came across this idea on lottelikesbooks account. She basically used colour samples as bookmarks, I thought this was so cool! As you are all aware I have redecorated and painted my room so guess what I had lying about? That’s right, loads of colour sample brochures so I thought I would make some bookmarks! My colour samples were all in a book format, rather than strips so I thought i’d some do some DIY and cut them out into strips to make bookmarks.

As mentioned the colour samples came in a brochure format which could not be used as booksmarks! So I decided to cut out each section in a strip to make a bookmark. I am debating also cutting up some card to stick behind the colour sample strip as the paper used in the brochures is a bit flimsy and I want my bookmarks to last.


This is what the end product looked like:


Voilà you now have some lovely new bookmarks to use, I love having different bookmarks. To me choosing a bookmark is as hard and important as choosing a book to read.

Happy Reading!


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