Becca Fitzpatrick book signing

I just had the best day ever. I went to my first ever book signing and it was amazing. Becca Fitzpatrick and another author Moira Young spoke about their books and writing. They also had a Q&A session which was amazing. Both authors were so sweet and friendly. I literally felt like a fangirl and had literally nothing to say to Becca that I could think of at the time. I thought of things once I had walked away, but oh well. I am so impressed Waterstones had Becca Fitzpatrick do a signing in my town, it’s such a little place. I did get my Black Ice and Finale book signed and I also got a picture!

IMG_20141114_193259[2] IMG_20141114_215823[1] IMG_20141114_215944[1] IMG_20141114_220155[1] IMG_20141114_220216[1] IMG_20141114_220229[1]

I personally had not heard of Moira Young and her books but I have goggled her and purchased Blood Red Road which is the first book in her series. If you are interested in checking out her work then click here for information.


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