My room’s makeover!

I know this is a book blog and technically this is not book related but I needed to share my new room with you all and plus it includes my bookshelves in the pictures so that my excuse 😉

My room was in need of a serious update as I was 13 years old when I though Lilac would be the perfect wall and carpet colour. Fast forward 11 years and my Lilac colour was no longer the thing, the carpet had acquired the dirty look no matter how much I clean it and my walls were covered in discolouration patches due to my obsession with posters in my younger years. So this is what my room previously like:


First we got the room wall painted to a soft peach colour, this was done about a week before the carper was changed. You can see how just changing the colour of the walls has made my room look more nicer, pretty and spacious. The carpet colour we changed to a light brown colour so it would not get dirty quickly (not shown properly in the pictures). I also decided that as I was redecorating my room I decided I wanted a Dressing Table instead of a computer desk. Me, my dad and cousin spent the entire afternoon after the carpet was put in building the Dressing Table and my bed. Once all this was done I spent time getting my books out of the suitcases and reorganising my bookshelves.

This is what my room looks like now:

IMG_20141026_105348[1] IMG_20141026_105312[1] IMG_20141026_105510[1] IMG_20141026_105606[1]

This is a close up of both my bookshelves:

IMG_20141026_105647[1] IMG_20141013_210929[1]

I’m really happy with how my room turned out 🙂 Hope you enjoyed seeing the changed in my room.


4 thoughts on “My room’s makeover!

  1. Very pretty! It must be nice to not only be happy with the final product, but to have the room put back together and things back in order again. And I love your bookshelves! Of course, all bookshelves deserve love, no matter what. 🙂

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