Immortal in Death – J D Robb (In Death book 3)

Can you tell I’m really into reading this series? The character in these books are just so well developed and the writing is brilliant.

Do not reading this book or review if you have not read the previous 2 books.

Warning this is an adult book with violence, gory scenes, bad language, a sensitive issue and sex. 


She was one of the most sought-after women in the world. A top model who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted — even another woman’s man. And now she was dead, the victim of a brutal murder. Police lieutenant Eve Dallas put her professional life on the line to take the case when suspicion fell on her best friend, the other woman in the fatal love triangle. Beneath the facade of glamour, Eve found that the world of high fashion thrived on an all-consuming passion for youth and fame. One that led from the runway to the dark underworld of New York City where drugs could fulfill any desire — for a price . . .

Ratings: 4 Stars

This was another good book by J D Robb. I did not enjoy the crime and mystery in this one as much as I have in the previous books, but it was still a really good read. In this book Eve’s friend Mavis has been framed for murdering an actress who was a ex (or not so ex) of Mavis’s current love, there’s also drugs thrown in for good measure. We get to see Eve’s past in this book and it actually broke my heart. Just reading about what she went through nearly made me cry, also her reaction to remembering everything was so heart breaking too. What I found surprising that at the end of Glory in Death and the start of this, Eve accepted Roarke’s marriage proposal easily. I thought it would be harder to her to accept his proposal but hey I’m happy these two are marrying as I adore their relationship.

The banter between these two makes me chuckle. As their relationship is developing they are getting more comfortable with each other and that is so satisfying to read about. I know I keep talking about it but I love that these two have a relationship, it is not just about sex with them and they respect each other.

“Roarke: “Darling, before we shift into the official mode, what do you have on under that dress?”
Eve: “A device designed to drive men wild.”
Roarke: “It’s working. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen your butt move quite that way.”
Eve: “It’s a cop’s butt now, ace, so watch it.”
Roarke: “I am.” He smiled, gave it a nice solid smack. “Believe me.”

I really liked Eve not only coming to terms with her feelings but finally being able to admit them to Roarke every so often.

“What other thing, Eve?”
“I love you. Sometimes it makes my stomach hurt, but I kind of like it. Tired now, come to bed. Love you.”

There’s not much more to say other than I loved reading more about the secondary characters, Nadine and Peabody. Peabody made me laugh so much at the bachelorette party. I am looking forward to reading more about these characters.

Read this book!

Happy Reading!



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