Redecorating and reorgansing

I have a few scheduled posts so hopefully redecorating my room will not have a massive impact on my blog posts. I wanted to let everyone know that I’m redecorating and so will be not very active, as I may not reply to some comments for some days and I do want anyone to think I am ignoring their comments. All my fellow bloggers and people who read my blog mean the world to me.

I am painting,  changing the carpet and reorganising my room. My books have been put away in a suitcase as we have to take off my wall mounted bookshelf and also have packed away the books on my normal bookshelf. I am now living off reading books the three books (book 2,3 & 4 of the In death series) I did not pack away and I have my kindle.

1 1/2 weeks so far into the decorating and my room has just been painted and now I’m waiting for the carpet to be changed. Below is a picture of my ‘bookshelf’ and what my room looks like at the moment!

IMG_20141008_212629[1]  IMG_20141009_190327[1]

I have this pile of my books next to the bed (I’m sharing a room as my bed’s been dismantled!) at the moment.


Happy Reading!!



9 thoughts on “Redecorating and reorgansing

  1. Good luck! I bet your room will look amazing when it’s done.

    I just cleaned mine from top to bottom last night, and I’m wanting a new color for it because half of it was primed for painting a long time ago. So basically half of my room is white and the other half is pink. lol


    • Thanks! haha I do read a little bit of Manga, I’ve read the first couple of volumes of death note aswell, other than that I’ve only read Vampire Knight. I would recommend Vampire Knight, but I stopped read at Volume 11 so I do not know how it ends 🙂


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