Hype around books

The lovely Anna (coolgirlsreadtoo) featured this post on her blog for me as I was a guest blogger there, so you may have already read this. I also wanted to post in on my blog too šŸ™‚

There’s always books everyone is talking about and recommending as they are amazing and the best thing since sliced bread. Based on these reviews you pick up a book expecting to be blown away and are actually let down as the book does not meet your expectations. I do not know if this is because I have too high of an expectation of the book because everyone has raved about it or just because my opinion is different. There have been times when I have not admitted to reading a book because I did not likeĀ it while everyone else did, andĀ I do not want toĀ be judged (I think I will) if I have a different opinion to everyone else, so I feel pressured into agreeing with them. PlusĀ I do not like saying I did not enjoy a book because the author has put in so much time and effort into writing it.

However a couple of months ago IĀ decided that it is ok to share if I did not like a book, as that is my opinion which I am not forcing on anyone else. Some people may think my opinion is not correct but if weĀ do not share yourĀ opinions then maybe that’s how the book may be getting only good reviews rather than balanced reviews. I’m not saying there aren’t amazing books out there, Harry Potter being the best example. I’m also not saying that we should not get excited about books, I’m ridiculous excited about Maria V Snyder writing 3 more books in the Study series. I just think we should all be comfortable with sharing our opinions if we do not like a popular book. I feel sometimes there is too much hype around a book that I want to purposely avoid reading it.

I will be the first to admit I tried to read Looking for Alaska by John Green and gave up withinĀ the first 6 or so chaptersĀ becauseĀ I thought the characters were shallow and the book was not holding my attention. I’m sure people disagree with this but it is my personal opinion. I will try to read the book again but at this moment in time this book is a did not finish for me.

Have you ever read a book like this? Do you think there can be too much hype surround books?


8 thoughts on “Hype around books

  1. I am constantly having trouble with books that are hyped. Hunger Games was/is being hyped – didn’t like it. Daughter of Smoke and Bone was hyped – didn’t like it. The 5th Wave was hyped – didn’t like it. So now after 4/5 hyped books that I’ve read and been let down, I’ve started to stay well away from books that are hyped, especially if they’re series or from authors I don’t know, but for say The Heroes of Olympus series, because I loved the Percy Jackson series and trust Rick Riordan, I am believing the hype and have trust that I won’t be disappointed. So yes, it has become my philosophy now to just stay away of hyped books not matter how much I want to read them e.g. Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy – REALLY wanna read it, but hyped on BookTube.

    As for opinions, I’ve always been of the mind set of ‘if I didn’t like it, I’m going to tell you’ but I always write in my reviews something like ‘it’s unfortunate I didn’t like it but I hope, if you read the book, you’ll have a better experience with it and like it’ because it is a shame when authors put like 1+ years worth of effort into a book and I read it within a week and rip it to pieces, but there’s always going to be someone who likes the book, so I feel it’s fine for me to feel negative about it.

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    • Thanks for commenting! I agree. I found the same some books I have heard so many good things about and when I read them I am disappointed. That’s a good way to think of it, Someone defiantly will like the book because we have different tastes:)


  2. I couldn’t make it through Looking for Alaska, either. Even though I thought the characters in The Fault in Our Stars were super pretentious, I loved that book – and Hazel and Gus. But Looking for Alaska, I just couldn’t do it.


    • Glad I’m not the only one. I’ve literally only ever heard praise about this book and I just don’t see what others have liked about it :). Haven’t read TFIOS yet but I will see if the book lives up to the hype about it! šŸ™‚


  3. Loooove this article/post! I do believe there can be way toooo much hype around certain books and sometimes it can really ruin a book for me. I have had fans of over-hyped books attack me online and on goodreads for not liking a book which makes me A. not want to read books that everyone hypes up and that has fandoms and B. Makes me not want to Express my opinion online.

    Lately I have learned that not everyone is going to like the same books as I do and vice versa and that’s totally ok. I never try to convince someone to not read a book and I never try to push my opinions on anyone else. There are a lot of books that I don’t enjoy that I actually recommend to friends because I know they would.

    I have had my fair share of disappointments when reading over-hyped books as well.

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    • Thank you for your comment! I agree with you, sometimes if you don’t have the same opinion as others online then people disregard your opinion. I think what you do is the best šŸ™‚ You can’t force your opinion on anyone, they can decide themselves if they like/want to read something šŸ˜€


  4. Hype around books is always a tricky thing, sometimes it’s awesome because everyone can join in and get excited but other times it ends up getting you disappointed, I actually didn’t love Looking for Alaska either, I’ll admit I did enjoy the meaning to the story but the characters in themselves felt too bland, I couldn’t really connect with them. Great post!


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