Second Time Around – Katherine Allred

Ever since I read What Price Paradise I have wanted to read another Katherine Allred book. I really enjoy the way she tells a story and her writing. The writing really intrigues the reader and builds a picture in their mind, she is an amazing storyteller. Her books were £0.47 on the Kindle so I downloaded the ones that sounded interesting (and I did not own), including this one. I recommend Katherine Allred books.

This book contains some sex, however it is not very graphic or descriptive.


Five years ago Quinn McAllister’s life was almost destroyed. While he lay in a coma from injuries sustained during an auto accident, the woman he loved divorced him. Or so his father told him. Now he’s discovered that his divorce was bogus, and his whole world is spinning out of control. He’s tempted to give his wife the quick divorce she wants until he finds out about the son he didn’t know existed. Now he’s going back to Wyoming to claim what’s his, and nothing can stop him…not his father, and certainly not his wife’s fiance. It’s taken Lanie McAllister five years to get over losing the man she loved with every fiber of her being. Now she’s ready to move on with her life, and has even agreed to marry the local veterinarian until Quinn gives her an ultimatum. Give them three months to try to mend the marriage his father tore apart, or he’ll fight her tooth and nail for custody of their son. Torn between the man her heart has never quite forgotten and the man she’s engaged to, Lanie can only pray that love will truly be better the second time around.

Ratings: 5 Stars

I really loved this book. For some reason even though it was about two people realising that their divorce was bogus and a misunderstanding created to separate them by Quinn’s father, I felt it was a feel good book. I felt so happy and just good when I finished this book. I guess what I loved about this was that both Quinn and Lanie were friends before they got married, though we only got some flashbacks showing this and I really wish there were more. The flashbacks showed the reader that what they had was not love at first sight but the slow building of attraction and love, which is why I found it plausible that when they meet again after 5 years that there are still some feelings there. As you all know I love relationship development and you could just feel the love between these two. I thought the realtionship between these two was so sweet, I loved how Quinn knew he was not over Lanie and so decided to try and resolve their problems. The story was beautifully written, I cannot explain how much I love Katherine Allred writing. The story developed with a good pace and at no point was the book boring.

When Quinn finds out that Lanie and himself are not actually divorced and they have a son he decides that he has to be part of their lives. However after 5 years apart thinking they were divorced Lanie is now engaged to the local vet Jared and she wants a divorce to move on. However Quinn moves back to Wyoming and gives her a choice either he fights for custody of his son or they give their marriage another go for 3 months. Lanie decides to agree to the 3 months term. This book actually contains a love triangle and I still adore it. The difference is that this triangle was handled very well. Lanie makes it clear to Jared what Quinn has said and done and I felt that Jared from the start understood how much Quinn ‘use to’ mean to Lanie. As she was married to Quinn and never led Jared on I felt that the love triangle was dealt with well.

Zack was such a sweet child, he was too cute. I really loved that Lanie had explained to Zack who is father was and did not try to make him turn against Quinn. Lanie held no bitterness against Quinn even though she though he had abandoned them. All the secondary characters were well developed and interesting. Lanie was an awesome character and Quinn was so sweet aswell, he had some of the best lines.

“It’s nice to see your wedding rings back where they belong.”

“Maybe it wasn’t, Angel. As much as I hate that I wasn’t here for you and Zack, maybe it took losing you to make me realize what I had, how much I really need you. I will never take you for granted again, and I’ll thank God for every minute we have together.”

Happy Reading!


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