My Comfort Zone

We all have specific genre’s that we read, and I realised that I hardly ever read books that are not in my ‘comfort zone’. I was updating my need to read list and realised that the books I go for are either a Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Erotica, New Adult or Young Adult. I do not read books that do not come under these categories. I have decided that I will try and read books that do not come under these genres, just to try and expand my reading experience. Non-fiction and Sci Fi probably will not be included in this just because I really do not enjoy these genres.

I have just downloaded Blind Love by Rebecca May Spicer from Amazon and this seems like a book that I would not usually read but it did sounds interesting so I decided to go ahead and buy it and read a book that I would not usually.


Blind Love – Rebecca May Spicer


“Filth on the street, which should be left alone to rot and decompose. That was what people saw when they looked at Ymir but his sister didn’t see this.

Because she could not see at all.

She could not see the world around her. Sometimes, he wondered if that was a curse or a blessing.”

Cemile and Ymir have always been on the same road. They sit and they beg and they survive. Until one misunderstanding changes it all.

Until their roads travel in completely different directions…

I look forward to reading this.

What about you? Do you read books outside your comfort zone?


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