Bridal Favors – Connie Brockway

There is a mild sex scene in this book but nothing major or descriptive


Evelyn Whyte has never forgotten the night she first met Justin Powell or the shocking indiscretion that left the raffish military hero eternally in her debt. Now, desperate to save her aunt’s foundering nuptial-planning enterprise, she’s ready for Powell to repay the favor. All she needs is Justin’s scenic ancestral home, where she’s determined to show the world that even a woman innocent in the ways of love can turn a simple wedding into the social event of the season.

Justin is happy to oblige, but his hospitality may place the wedding party in peril. Unaware of the daring double life he conceals behind a cloak of amiable gentility, Evie and her guests descend on North Cross Abbey. Pursued by enemy agents amid a whirl of festivities, Justin vows to keep Evie safe. But who will protect him from the charms of this alluring woman and the promise of a matchless love worth any risk?

Ratings: 3 Stars

There really not much I can say about this book. I really enjoyed this book. It was witty, some parts actually had me laughing out loud and it had a interesting storyline. Evie meets Justin when she is 15 and she catches him coming out of a married ladies room, she makes some assumptions based on this and decides he’s a womanizer. To keep his secret because what Evie doesn’t know is he’s a spy rather than a womanizer, he writes her an IOU. Fast forward 10 years and Evie is now all grown up and breaks into Justin’s house to claim her favor. Evie has taken to managing her aunt’s wedding planning business as he aunt has run away and is her honeymoon. Apparently Evie is awful at the wedding planning business and has decided the only way to redeem her aunt’s name for organisation amazing weddings is to get Justin to agree to rent her his ancestral property as her current client wants to hold her wedding there. Justin is not a fan of this idea as he’s suppose to be going to ancestral property to try and flush out a spy and receive a shipment of a valuable item. Justin agree to allow Evie to hold the wedding at the property as long as he can go with her. He goes under the pretense that he is going bird watching.

I liked Justin, he portrayed himself as a waster so no one would ever suspect he is  a spy, but Evie manages to see pass his ‘waster’ ways. Both chracter are sweet in their own ways and have their own insecurities. Especially Evie as she believes she is ugly and so will end up as a spinster. I found it so cute that Justin thought of Evie as his little Owlet and that he loved her the way she was rather than her having to change for him.

I’m sure you are thinking wow Sumaira if you enjoyed the book so much then why only give it 3 stars. Well this is suppose to be a Historical romance that is set in 1895 and the language used was way too modern at times. It was funny and enjoyable do not get me wrong but the language did not fit in the time period. Also I had to sit with a dictionary as there were quite a few words I had to look up to find the meaning to lol. So if you can look past historical inaccuracy then give this book a read as it is really witty and funny.

Happy Reading!


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