Eye of the Beholder – Ruth Ann Nordin

This book does have mild sex scenes in but nothing very descriptive or graphic. 


Mary Peters despairs that she will never marry. At nineteen, she has no prospects of finding a husband, so she takes matters into her own hands and becomes a mail-order bride. When she arrives to Omaha, Nebraska to meet the man she’s due to marry, he takes one look at her homely appearance and rejects her.

But fate has other plans for Mary. Dave Larson happens to be nearby and thinks she will make a good wife. Though she is stunned that someone as handsome and as kind as Dave would ask her to marry him, she accepts. She knows that this marriage will not bear the fruits of love. Love, after all, is for beautiful women. Isn’t it?

Rating: 5 Stars

This book I admit is not for everyone and if you do not like sweet romances this is not for you. If you like detailed sex scenes, then this is not for you again because it has some in but they are quite mild. I’ve read many negative and low rating reviews of this on Goodreads but personally this is one for my favorite books and so I thought I’d write my review on it. I originally read this when I was 19 years old and have reread this book at least 3 times. There is scene in here that moves me to tears no matter how many times I have read the book.

This book is a mail order bride and plain Jane book, it is based on Mary who is a plain girl, not ugly but she has no features that make her stand out. Men in Maine have not courted her as no one can look past the plain looks. She is the youngest and only sister who is unmarried as her sisters are all beautiful and married as soon as they were of age.  Mary comes across a ad for a mail order bride and decides as the man hasn’t asked for a beautiful bride, only that she be hardworking that she will reply to it. She replies to the ad and travels to Omaha, Nebraska to meet and marry Neil Craftsman. However once she gets to Omaha and Neil takes one look at her and rejects her outright, saying he couldn’t get drunk enough to sleep with her. Mary takes this in stride but this is where our hero Dave comes in. He decides he likes what he can see in Mary and decides to marry her. This is their story and how they build their relationship. It’s about if men can really look past a plain appearance and accept a women even if she is not beautiful outside, but inside. Dave is such a sweet character, I do wonder if there are men like him in real life. Dave always sticks up for Mary and believes in her no matter what, this is how a relationship should be. Mary is under-confident in herself as she’s always known she’s not beautiful, but I like that she becomes more confident in herself and Dave as the story progresses. Sorry to overuse the word but the relationship between these characters is sweet. You can see them building their life and relationship together. It is a heart touching story. The book is well written, but sometimes the language used seems more modern rather than the time period it is actually set in. I can overlook that because it is such a beautiful story. Thank you Ruth Nordin for writing this book.

I have read other Ruth Nordin books but none hold a candle to this one. If you are going to give her writing ago I recommend reading this book.

Happy Reading!


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