A series I have no intention of finishing part 3

When I was about 18 years old I went through a Vampire phase ( Twilight may have had some influence on this phase…). I wanted to find a book that I enjoyed as much as I did the Twilight Series. I picked up both the True blood Sookie Stackhouse Series and the House of Night series. As you all know both series have quite a few books in. True Blood has 13 books and House of Night series has 12 books. This is not excessive when compared to something like The In Death series by J.D.Robb, but I am not planning to finish either of these series.



Before my reasoning behind not completing a series has been the length of the series and spoilers but I enjoyed the books I had read in those series so far. My reasn behind not finishing these series is that I’m no longer interested, I do not care how it ends. I found with both books by time I had got to about book 5/6 I was just ok with the story and not enjoying it as much as I had the previous books in the series but I decided to continue with the series at first so I could atleast know what happens in the end. I ahve 9 books in the True blood series and 8 books in the House of night series. Hahaha randomly enough when I read book 8 in both series, at that point thought I decided to discontinue with both. The story lines in both books were no longer working for me and so buying any more books would have been a waste of money and a waste of my time that I could spend reading another book. We bookworms understand how limited reading time can be (sigh) and so I was not wasting it on these books.

With the House of Night series I believe the issue may have been the writing I know the book is written by a mother and daughter duo, at first maybe because I was a teenager too (I’m only 24 but that seems ages ago now) that it did not bug me that much, but by book 6 I really was not enjoying the writing any more and the story seemed repetitive. Zoe the main character was actually grating on my nerves, I think it got to a point where she wanted all the boys and could not decide which one she wanted. I’m not a massive love triangle fan either but it just seemed ridiculous.

With True Blood I think it was getting to the same point. If you have not read True blood and are planning to read it stop reading now as I am going to write a spoiler!!!! You have been warned! Once Sookie was no longer with Bill she just couldn’t decide who she wanted to be with, I think I got to points I wanted to physically shake her. Some people may like that kind of thing but I prefer relationship development, if that makes sense.If the two characters are going to be together on in one book that’s fine, but there’s only so many books I can read with the same character with a different romantic interest. I prefer books where it focuses more on both characters developing their love, like Archer’s voice.

I still have the books in these series that I’ve previously purchased and I may try to reread them to see maybe if I like them better now. If not then these books are in threat of being given away as I need more bookshelf space for books I have purchased and I only like to keep books I like and will reread.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. Leave a comment if you’ve completed any of these series or just have an opinion on them.

P.S. I know you think about the Sookie Stackhouse series Anna 😛

Happy Reading!

P.P.S The reason the images on these have weird items on as I combined the photos with some books tags I had to do on my Instagram as I’m too lazy to take more photo’s . If you want to follow me on Instagram.. @hyperaboutbooks


2 thoughts on “A series I have no intention of finishing part 3

  1. Haha great post Sumaira! I totally went through a vampire stage as well (not because of Twilight, it was actually because of the Underworld movies – I don’t know if you know it? But omg, Kate Beckinsale in those movies… *girlcrush*). I never read the House of Night series but my younger sister did (though I don’t think she completed it) and seemed to enjoy the few ones that she did read. Haha, and as for Sookie Stackhouse… you know my thoughts! XD If you think she was bad then, you’re lucky you didn’t finish the series! I wanted to slap her silly! 😛

    I’ve tagged you for the Harry Potter Spell Book Tag 😀 I don’t know if you’ve already done this and of course don’t feel obliged to if you don’t want to!

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