Too many books?

Due to my recent book hauls I have not encountered a slight problem. I have a time room and already have 2 bookshelves, now as I have so many books I have ran out of space haha. I know my kindle was suppose to get rid of this problem for me but I shudder to thing how much space i’d need if my kindle books were hard copies. Β What should I do? I do not think I can get rid of any books.

I’m thinking of maybe getting one of those massive bookshelves, but the thing with that is one of my bookshelves in actually screwed to the wall as its a proper shelf and I’d have no where to put my figurines….what I really need is a bigger room. Anyway as I have run out of place I have defiantly decided I do not need anymore new books for the moment. Let’s see how long my resolve will last.

Here’s a picture of my first bookshelf:


Here’s my second bookshelf that is actually attached to the wall:


I’m now going to start reading the books I have already purchased before buying more!

If you have any pictures on your own blog of your bookshelf then leave the link below πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Too many books?

  1. Hehe there is no such thing as too many books πŸ˜‰ but I do see the dilemma! Before I moved out I had a super tiny room with tons of books. I made piles on top of every surface I could find (including my closet and the floor!) It can get pretty tricky!!

    On a side note – nice shelves!! I love seeing pictures on people’s book collections!

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      • Currently my shelf is bigger but my collection has grown so much that I’m back to piles of books everywhere lol I’m moving soon and designating a room/area of the house as a library! Hopefully I can get everything back on to shelves lol

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  2. Ahh, so many books! It’s a difficult task, reading books you’ve already bought before buying more. I tried to do that and… well, I found out I have zero self-control. XD Here’s a picture of my bookshelf. It looks quite different now, one, because I love to rearrange it, and two, I sometimes don’t have a choice in the matter because of all the books I’m buying!

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