Love with the Proper Husband – Victoria Alexander

This was one of my books from my used book Haul. I had expectations that this would be a good book but this book surpassed those. The writing of this book flowed so well, it was descriptive but not too much and even if it wasn’t lots of action taking place the story does not drag in any place at all. I love the writing because some of Marcus’s lines in here actually made me sigh. I adore marriage of convenience plots and I’m glad this story had an enjoyable plot. This is book 6 of this series, I did not realise this and did not feel like I had to read the previous books to understand whats going on.

Warning this is a adult book, it contains mature content, recommended for 16+ due to descriptive sex scenes


Love with the Proper Husband – Victoria Alexander


Distressed over the current widespread disinterest inmatrimony among their eminently marriageable offspring, the formidable matriarchs of the ton have taken matters into their own meddling hands with the formation of The Ladies’ Society for the Betterment of the Future of Britain. Their first challenge: the Earl of Pennington.

Miss Gwendolyn Townsend has seen her late father’s estate go to a distant cousin she can’t abide … leaving her well-educated, able to make a perfect curtsy — and penniless. So imagine her shock when it’s discovered that a match had been arranged between herself and Marcus Holcroft, the Earl of Pennington — one of the most eligible members of London society. Marcus constantly leaves her breathless and confused … and though she’s hesitant to marry a man she’s just met, in the end she has no choice. But she makes some conditions first …

Marcus cannot believe that the bride who has been foisted upon him is insisting on rules to their wedding … and bedding! He’s a man who has never had to tempt any woman into his arms. But even more surprising is that Gwendolyn is clearly hiding something — and it shocks him to think that their exquisite kisses — followed by his lessons in passionate lovemaking — wouldn’t be enough to make his wife tell him her every secret. After all, he’s promised to be a proper husband — isn’t it fair to also expect a proper wife?

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Ladies’ Society for the Betterment of the Future of Britain has been formed to force marriageable aged children to actually marry and continue with there lines. Their first challenge: the Earl of Pennington. This book starts off with Gwen being called back by her late father’s solicitor from America where she has been working as a Governess.  She fled England when the day after her father death she was told she was penniless and her home was going to her distant cousin who has inherited the title. It turns out that Gwen is not penniless at all but has a modest inheritance left by her father and the solicitor has been trying to track her down and tell her this. Gwen learns that a match has been arranged by her late father and between her and Marcus Holcroft, the Earl of Pennington. Marcus has also been called by the same solicitor to advise him that if he does not marry Gwen before his 30th birthday then he forfeit his inheritance. Marcus decided to marry Gwen, not because he’s greedy but because people depend on him and I think that Gwen intrigues him alot. Some of the Marcus’s and Reggie’s lines when they are discussing the predicament are hilarious.

“Perhaps that’s been our problem all along.We are simply not rakes or rogues or scoundrels”

“Still, there are no end of things you could do. Adopt a wicked grin and a wickeder look in your eye……be aloof. Dangerous. be forbidden fruit”

“Forbidden fruit?” “I daresay, as I am pursuing her and it is my fortune at stake, I am scarcely the stuff forbidden fruit is made of. Rather I am too readily available and ripe for the picking”

Gwen refuses until she learns she also has 3 nieces who need her support (and money) because he estranged sister and husband drowned and died. She does not tell Marcus about he nieces and makes conditions of Marcus to keep her own inheritance. Marcus agrees to all her conditions. This is where their relationship starts to grow you can see Marcus falling in love. It was different to read a book where the hero loves the heroine and she is reluctant to love him. My niggle with this book is Marcus does everything for Gwen that she asks, supports her and he gives her no reason not to share things with him or trust him but she still is reluctant to. Really? I do not understand why? Gwen is a good character though, I wanted her to have a happy ending.

What I love about Marcus is he’s not that tall, dark, dangerous rake but is rather a sweet guy even if he doesn’t show everyone this. Words fail me on how sweet and supportive he actually was, his wit was brilliant and I loved how he appreciated his relationships such as friendships. I know he has his moments but he always tries to trust Gwen no matter what. *Sighs*. All the characters in this book were well developed and I liked then all, Gwen’s nieces were lovable and you just wanted to solve all their problems. Reggie was an awesome character, I hope he has his own book. Ofcouse you cannot forget Marcus’s mother Lady Pennington who is brilliant.

The reason this is a 4.5 star instead of 5 is because I found the ending a bit odd, and I wished Gwen trusted Marcus abit more because Marcus was amazing!

Seriously read this!

Happy Reading!


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