Shattered Hearts – Octavia Wildwood (Shattered book 1)

This book was a free download from Amazon. Its is still available as a free download if you want to go download it and read it. My slight niggle with this is that this says its book one. What this should say it is part one. This book is only 106 pages and the ending is sudden. I understand the reason behing this, I mean it’s a free book so it’s a taster of the book. What my niggle is I’m happy to spend money on this book, but book 2 seems to be set out the same. It’s 105 pages long and £1.80, and book 3 is 101 pages and £1.79, Why can’t the 2 other books just be one and we pay £3.00?! I haven’t read the other 2 books yet and haven’t purchased them as yet as I spend all my book allowance on the book haul in my previous post…oops!

Warning Mature Content, this book contains Adult Situations 

Shattered Hearts – Octavia Wildwood


The nightmares never stop.

Amanda escaped her abusive past, but old wounds never truly heal. They scar.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, siblings Nate and Maggie are struggling to keep the family farm afloat after their parents’ fatal car accident. An online job posting brings the three together, and Amanda finds herself living under the same roof as two twenty-somethings still struggling to come to terms with their grief.

While Amanda quickly befriends Maggie, winning over work-obsessed Nate is more complicated. He’s too proud to admit he needs a farmhand’s help and Amanda is wary of his temper as it triggers painful memories.

To make matters worse, Amanda feels an attraction to Nate that’s hard to ignore. Will they ever be able to nurture their budding romance, or will their demons prove to be too much to overcome?

Ratings: 4.5 Stars 

I really enjoyed this book. The books starts off with Amanda having a flashback of her abusive past. She is planning to leave LA and start over at Minnesota working on a farm to escape her past and try to overcome her memories. I like Amanda as she admits that she is not perfect and has some issues. She understands that she is damaged not due to anything she done, but still has to try and move on by changing her thinking.

“Surviving and thriving were two very different things”

“A walking zombie, a vacant shell of a person – that’s what I was reminded of”

“For a while I’d believed I was terrible at everything, useless and worthless and unlovable.  I guess if you’re beaten down enough times, eventually you realize it’s easiest to stay there on the ground”

Once Amanda arrives she meets Maggie who co-owns the farm with her brother Nate. They are trying to move on from the sudden death of their parents death. Nate is the overprotect big brother who is a little bit of a rude jerk to Amanda to start with. This is because he has the weight on the entire farm (or world) on his shoulders and he’s trying to run the farm and looking out for his baby sister. He is a sweet jerk even in the start. Maggie is the opposite of Nate, she is the most friendly and bubbly person and she and Amanda become fast friends. As time goes one Nate comes to see how Amanda belongs on the farm as she’s good with Penny the horse who is skittish due her previous owner being abusive. She and Nate become friends, I love it when it’s not instalove (well it is inta attraction!) Both character are likeable and you get the development of the characters. Some people may feel that Amanda makes too much of her abusive past and does not more on fast enough and find her annoying because of that. I do not feel like this. I like that she has the issues to overcome and she is not able to move on straight away. The book is well written and the pacing of the storyline is good too. However the ending is quite abrupt (due to this being a part 1 rather than a book 1) This is a nice, quick, easy read, you will be done in a couple of hours.

Download this book and give it a read! It’s a good book! Leave a comment if you check it out!


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