Sweet Lullaby – Lorraine Heath

This book is beautiful and makes me cry even though I have read it multiple times. How I can love a book so much when I am not a fan of a massive fan of one the main characters I do not understand. I do not hate Rebecca but I don’t think she was good enough for Jake, she was not horrible but rather inconsiderate and a little selfish. However this book pulls on your heartstrings, you will adore Jake Burnett. If I had to choose he is one of the greatest characters I have come across. Be aware that this is a Adult Romance novel so it has descriptive sex scenes (I’ve given up on calling it love scenes :P)

Warning this is an adult book, it contains mature content, Recommended 16+

Sweet Lullaby - Lorraine Heath

Sweet Lullaby – Lorraine Heath


Seduced, abandoned, and left pregnant and unwed, Rebecca finds a new life with Jake, a ranch hand who marries her at the request of her father.

Rating: 4 Stars

Yes even though I think Jake Burnett is the best thing since sliced bread, I still only give this book a 4 star rating. This is not due to Jake or his character but it’s due to Rebecca. I do not agree with some of her decisions near the end of the book. I feel very disappointed in her, when she started off as a promising character. This book starts off with Jake returning from a Trail and being called in to see his boss. His boss asks Jake to marry his daughter Rebecca who is pregnant. The baby’s father Brett who was another ranch hand has left to pursue other opportunities without Rebecca or him realising she was pregnant and so no one knows when he will return. Rebecca’s father refuses to allow his daughter to have a child out of wedlock.  and bring shame on the family. Jake agrees to marry Rebecca as long as she accepts to marry him, which I thought was one of the sweetest things I have ever read. Jake has loved Rebecca from afar, he does not feel worthy of her because he had small pox as a child and so has some scars. He also was unloved as a child, with makes him doubt his self worth and affects his confidence. This book was so heartbreaking when we got to read scenes about Jakes childhood, it brought tears to my eyes.

Jake proposes to Rebecca, he says he does not want anything from her that she is not willing to give and will accept her baby as his own son. We learn Jake himself is a bastard, and his mother was a prostitute (I hope the use of these two words doesn’t get my blog banned!!)). Rebecca agrees to marry Jake and he proposes they leave for his land he inherited in Texas which he has been saving up money for. Once married Jake, Rebecca and his friend Frank leave for Texas taking Rebecca’s share of horses and cattle with them. While Jake gives Rebecca all his love and more Rebecca gives him her friendship. He is understanding, caring, sweet, lovely, unselfish.

“He was lying in bed with the woman he loved . . . a woman he couldn’t make love to. He closed his eyes. More than any­thing in this world, he wanted this woman to be happy. He’d give her anything, do anything to make her happy. Even if it made his own life hell.”

What I don’t like is Rebecca spends most of the book hung up on Brett, she does not appreciated everything Jake does for her. She compares the two way too much, I don’t understand the comparison when there is none? Jake loves and adores her while I personally feel Brett took advantage of her. What they had was not love. She makes some horrible decisions near the end of the book. I feel Jake didn’t get the love he deserves, he deserves so much love than what he gets from Rebecca. This is why the book has a 4 star rating rather than 5. It is nice to see Jake develop and become more comfortable for with his own value. This book keeps you hooked, it is well writing and the story takes many different turns. I still recommend people read it.

Happy Reading!


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