Ms Match – Jo Leigh

I read this as a Ebook and the image on it way too cheesy to actually put in my blog. Just think Mills & Boon and you can imagine what kind of cover this book has.

Warning mature content, recommend for 18+ due to sex scenes

Ms Match – Jo Leigh


Waking up in a hotel room next to a nearly naked Gwen Christopher is a shocker for Paul Bennet. Hmm, one too many the night before? After all, he’s rich, successful and looks more like one of his movie-star clients than their PR rep. Paul can have any woman he wants. Any woman–except Gwen’s smokin’-hot sister. Taking plain-Jane Gwen out as a favor was supposed to be his ticket in.And okay, sure, Gwen’s fun and smart and interesting–and absolutely amazing in bed. But she’d never fit in with his parties-and-paparazzi lifestyle. This is a total mismatch.So why’s he so ready to dive back into bed with Gwen first chance he can?

Rating: 3 Stars

This book was a nice quick easy read, it’s one you would pick up on a holiday. The characters are likeable (with the exception of Gwen’s family, I mean serious what??) and Paul is sweet. The story is just what it says in the synopsis, Paul wants Autumn who he has been trying to get with for weeks but is having no luck. Autumn asks Paul a favour to get someone to take her not so fabulously beautiful, but smart sister Gwen to a family party as her date. Paul arranges for a friend to do so but he pulls out at the last minute and so he goes as Gwen’s date instead. You can guess where the book goes from here, Paul discovers Gwen may not be classically beautiful but he wants to know her and Gwen gets to know that Paul is more than a pretty face.

At first I thought I was not going to like Paul but he turned out to be a good hero and I wanted for him to have a happy ending. Pick this book if you are looking for a quick read with a couple of sex scenes. If you want you can skip these scenes if you want, it is still a good read.

Happy Reading!


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