A Marriage by Chance – Carolyn Davidson

Warning mature content, recommend for 16+ (Not very detailed sex scenes)

A Marriage by Chance – Carolyn Davidson


Chloe Biddleton was in big trouble! Her fool brother had gone and lost his half of the family ranch in a game of cards, leaving her to live with her brother’s mistakes, and handsome cowboy Mr. J. T. Flannery. Then trouble struck the ranch, and Chloe had no choice but to accept J.T.’s offer of marriage — no matter how inconvenient!

The only thing the stubborn beauty wanted less than a business partner was a husband, but it looked as if she was about to be saddled with both! But as the battle of wills between the two began to heat up, so did their mutual passion!

Rating: 3 Star 

This book was a good read but it did not live up to my high expectations. I have read many marriage of convenience/western romances and so there are some better ones out there. Pete, the heroine’s brother is a good for nothing,  he gambles and ends up losing his half of the ranch (co-owned by his sister as their father has passed away) to J.T.Flannery. J.T has been looking to put down roots and so heads off to the ranch to claim his wining by being  a business partner and helping run the ranch. Chloe finds out that her brother has gambled away his part of the ranch by letter, her brother did not have the guts the tell her face to face. On the heels of this letter J.T also turns up. After checking J.T’s claim to half the ranch is legal Chloe decides to accept it and make the situation work. I thought this was brilliant, to me this showed a  strong character who is willing to adapt. Chloe and J.T get along well and you can feel the attraction between these two, and when J.T starts to talk about future plan and invest money in the ranch you think this book is going to be amazing. Sadly it does not fulfil the expectations, Pete comes back and Chloe accepts him back on the ranch as long as he does work, listen to J.T and pulls his weight. Obviously this does not happen, so Chloe marries J.T hoping it will mean Pete will listen to J.T and accept he is now the owner of the ranch. Again this does not happen and Pete goes off in in a huff. I really hated Pete and I think because Chloe always accepted him back (more than once!), that is what made me dislike this book. I’m a firm believer of if someone is no good for you no matter who they are let them go. Your life is better off without them. J.T is a sweet character, he knows he wants Chloe and wants to marry her to start with and spent the rest of his life with her, he does not propose they just sleep together like more hero’s.

More things happens in the book but I do not want to give the entire story away. The romance was good, the writing style was nice, and the story was well paced and interesting. It was just the character of Chloe annoyed me and so I did not enjoy this book as much as I should have.

I got this book as a used book so didn’t spend too much on it, so for what I paid it was a good read. I’d say if you get a chance do pick it up if you like ‘old cowboy western romances’. The story is good it is just for me I could not connect with Chloe, but if you like what you read in this review and think Chloe sounds like a good character then give this ago.

Does anyone have any western/cowboy/regency romances they would recommend? I need some new books 🙂

Happy Reading!


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