Unfinished books

One thing I do not like to do is to leave a book unfinished, but what do you do when you cannot get into the book at all? Do you leave it and move on or do you preserver and finish it? I will admit if i put the book down it is highly unlikely that I will pick it up again. I feel so bad when I do this, authors spend so much time and effort into writing and so by not completing the book it means that effort has gone to waste (well on me anyway). I do try to continue with the book if I can, but this does not always happen.

Maybe Fate. Reading it on my Kindle Paperwhite.

Maybe Fate. Reading it on my Kindle Paperwhite.


No matter how you fight, fate still comes knocking.
But what happens when you rebel against it?

When I felt someone watching me, I knew something was wrong. I’m not the kind of girl who gets a lot of attention. I don’t want you to think I’m paranoid, or crazy. Definitely not crazy. That night, I got my first glimpse of something that should never have existed. I met someone who would change my life, change my everything. Someone with wicked smiles and a voice like sugar mixed with cinnamon.

Someone not entirely human.

Maybe Fate is a full-length 350 page New Adult Paranormal Romance. It focuses on the wonder of destiny, the beauty of love, and the way it sweeps us up with unstoppable, hungry claws. Mature Content, recommended for ages 17+

Recently I tried to read Maybe Fate by Cynthia Brint, however I was unable to get into this. This might be because the story does not pick up until the middle but it was not my cup of tea, even though it ticked the right boxes. It is a fantasy book with romance, what more could you want? I found the pace too slow and I have not managed to connect to the characters so I have decided to put the book down and I may come back to in the future.

Has anyone read this book? I know even though I did not manage to get into this book that does not mean other people will not like it. If the synopsis sounds like something you want to read go ahead.

How does everyone else feel about not finishing a book? Would you move on or would you continue and finish it?

Happy Reading! I hope your reading is going better than mine.


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