Used Books

Being such a massive book lover I find that I try to stretch my monthly salary too far to cover my obsession. I do not like borrowing from the library, I want to own the books I read. I am quite happy to buy used books from Amazon or charity shops Normal I do this if it is a older book rather than new releases. I know with the books you buy you can tell that they have been pre owned, but sometimes you do come across books that look like they are in mint condition. The used books section in Amazon is quite reliable. If it says the version is Used – Very good I will buy it. The spines of these usually look like they have been read multiple times but hey it’s a good price. I also do this if the book is out of print. I know there is an option to buy the book from new (if there are still copies) but the price difference convinces me that as its an older book I’ll be better off just buying a used copy.

I’ve recently purchased 6 books (which can be seen below) all used for under £18.00 from amazon, for me that’s a really good deal, as I don’t know if I will like them but I read good reviews and recommendations about them on Goodreads.

Used book Haul from Amazon! Purchased due to good recommendations on Goodreads

Used book Haul from Amazon! Purchased due to good recommendations on Goodreads

Not everyone likes used book so I thought I’d do a blog post to find out what other people think about buying used books. Would you do it? Is it something you’ve done before? Leave a comment below!

Happy Reading everyone!


3 thoughts on “Used Books

  1. I’ve bought used books before. As long as they’re in good condition there’s not much difference but I still normally prefer to buy books new. I’m not sure why really.

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    • Thanks for your comment. Good to know, thankfully I have not purchased a used book in a bad condition as yet. I find used books don’t have the new book smell though. I love getting new books because of that 🙂 Plus new books don’t have creases in the spines which make them look better than used books.


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