So I brought a new book…

The Hobbit - J R R Tolkien

The Hobbit – J R R Tolkien

I went grocery shopping and came back with The Hobbit (Yes I am on a book buying ban..oops). I thought I’d give reading it a go as I’ve seen so many people post pictures on Instrgram about it. Also I have heard good things about the books and ofcourse I love the films. My way of thinking is this is a introduction, if I enjoy this book I may pick up The Lord Of the Rings trilogy (Yes I have not read these as yet). So now I need some advice,  I love The Lord Of the Rings films but am unsure if reading the books will confuse me too much. I kind of imagine pages of Orcs speaking in their language. Not sure I can keep up with that if it is the case lol.

Anyone who can give me any advice?

Happy Reading (Hopefully :P)!


8 thoughts on “So I brought a new book…

  1. Oh, you’re in for a treat! 🙂 I enjoyed “The Hobbit” very much. And I’d recommend reading it very soon so you know the rest of the story before the third film comes out in December. Otherwise, you’re in for a few shocks (unless you’ve already heard or read the “spoilers”).

    The only thing to keep in mind with “The Hobbit” book is that, except for one chapter, it’s limited to Bilbo’s perspective. It doesn’t contain the expanded viewpoints shown in the films. Also, Tolkien’s writing style is much different than what you’d normally read today. It reads more like he’s retelling historical events from an omniscient POV, with less of the emotion we’re used to getting in today’s books.

    If you enjoyed the LOTR film trilogy, you’ll most likely like the books. Like you, I didn’t read the trilogy until after seeing all three films. In some ways, it’s good that you’re starting with “The Hobbit,” so you can test yourself to see if you like his writing enough to continue with his other works. Like I said above, they differ from today’s standards (just goes to show how writing and publishing expectations have changed over the decades!), but once you learn to appreciate it you’ll want to read the restl of Tolkien’s works.


    • I’m excited to give this a read now, I’m going to read it after I finish my current book. I haven’t hear any spoilers as yet about the book or the ending to the film thankfully, though I know there are bits in the film that are not in the book. Not surprising as no way can the happens in three films be taken from small book 😛 Oh wow, will be interesting to see if I like his writing style then. I love love love the LOTR trilogy, they are one of the all time favourite films (along with Harry Potter ofcourse). Thanks for your comment, like I said before I love reading what other’s think of books before I give them a read 🙂


  2. I’ve never read the original trilogy but I’ve read the hobbit twice. Once when I was twelve and again when I was older. It was a very engaging book and was fairly easy to read. If the trilogy is anything like it I’m sure it will be good! Hope that helps (:


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