Am I the only one who does this?

One of the downsides of being such a big book lover is having the fund to spend on my obsession. One of my best tips is buying books on the Kindle and keeping an eye out on Kindle book offers. There are some exceptions to this as you can see from my previous post, if the book has an amazing cover I need it in hard copy. Also if I really want a Kindle book or if a book sounds amazing I will just buy it aswell, no matter what the price. Checking out the kindle deals means I have more money to spend on more books! (Woohoo!) What I  like to do is keep an eye on the kindle offers featured on Amazon, it usually have a good collection of books. One of my all time favourite book, The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders was one I purchased when it was on offer. I will however admit then when The unwanted wife was published as a paperback I brought it even though I owned it on my kindle because I loved it that much. I’m someone who like to own books, so am not a massive fan of borrowing from the library. I love re-reading books and you never know when you’ll fancy reading the it. If there are books on offers that I think I want to read this I buy it while it is on offer, and so it might sit in my to be read pile but atleast I own the book. This way its a win win situation, as I buy a cheap book and I am paying money to the author who’s put hours of work into the writing (Ofcourse I recommend the book if it’s a good one, so hopefully more people buy it)

My tip to all of you is keep an eye on Kindle offers, Below is a screenshot of the current deal Amazon has on and I’m going through the books featured to see if there are any I want to purchase.

Kindle tips

Happy reading everyone!!


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